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Every week, we at SUBU run a token box in the Student Shop to get your feedback on topical student issues, in hopes that we can work with BU to improve your student experience. 

Last year as a result of the token box: BU is developing ideas for more ‘green spaces’ on campus; SUBU developed principles for assessed group work; and there’s more money for SUBU Advice to support students in financial emergencies!

2014/15 Student Token Box Results

If you are a new student this year, did the Arrivals fortnight meet your expectation?

Yes: 341 = 41.7%

No: 66 = 8.1%

N/A I'm not a new Student: 411 = 50.2%

Total votes: 818


The Student Council Elections close this Friday, have you considered nominating yourself?

Yes: 67 = 11.2%

No, I don't plan to vote: 475 = 79.7%
I need more information: 54 = 9.1%

Total votes: 596


Have you been able to budget your money to last till the end of term?

Yes: 69 = 38.5%

No, I had budgeted and my money wont last all term: 62 = 34.6%

I havent used a budget so I don't know: 48 = 26.8%

Total votes: 179


Student Council Elections are open! Have you voted for your Part Time Officers?

Yes: 21 = 11.1%

No, but I know who I'm voting for: 74 = 38.9%

No, I need to know more: 95 = 50%

Total votes: 190


Do you know what the risks are of signing up to next year's accomodation too early?

Yes: 30 = 17.3%

I need to know more Talk to SUBU Advice / take a leaflet: 47 = 27.2%

N/A, I wont be looking for accomodation for next year: 96 = 55.5%

Total votes: 173


Top three student matters from last year, which one matters most to you?

Lectures that are interactive and engaging: 415 = 35.5%

Assignment feedback with is detailed, clear and constructive: 527 = 45% 

Easy contact and communication with lecturers: 228 = 19.5%

Total votes: 1,170


More top issues from last year - which one matters most to you?

Clear information on assignment briefs: 646 = 53.2%

Placements and practical sessions/workshops: 397 = 32.7%

A timetable that is well organised and well communicated: 172 = 14.2%

Total votes: 1215


You can download the 2013/14 Student Opinions HERE.


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