Welcome to the SUBU Leadership Awards, these are designed to give you recognition for the knowledge, skills and confidence you develop in your role. You can gain different awards across SUBU depending on which area you are involved in. All awards use the same programme of workshops, so if you do more than one role you will be able to use the same learning for different awards. The awards are based on CMI (Chartered Management Institute) Competencies and will give you a solid grounding in Leadership, Students taking part in the Awards can book on to  workshops below, these will give you some key employability skills that will make you stand out from the crowd when looking for a job during and after University!




The following Students are eligible to take part on this Award:

Student Rep - Rep Leadership Award

Clubs & Societies & RAG Leader - Activities Leadership Award

Green Task Force and & Volunteer Leader - Activities Leadership Award

SUBU Officer - Officer Leadership Award


There are 5 Levels to the SUBU Leadership Award:

Level 1: Developing Leader - Understanding key knowledge and skills to your role

Level 2: Active Leader - Applying knowledge and new skills to your role

Level 3: Competent Leader - delivering results in your role using leadership skills

Level 4 Change Leader - leading others to deliver sustainable change

Level 5: Executive Leader - Leading other leaders to acheive their goals

Levels 1 to 3 are designed to give you key leadership skills in your role. Levels 4 and 5 are bespoke programmes for those who attain Level 3. 


Here is a checklist for Levels 1-3:

Level 1

  1. Attend Essential Training for your role
  2. Complete Self-assessment & Action Plan, download your Self-assessment & Action Plan here
  3. Collect Level 1 Certificate

Level 2

  1. Complete Action Plan from Level 1
  2. Attend SUBU Leadership Award Workshop or a recommended Self-Study and complete Workshop/Self Study Log
  3. Complete at least 2 Leadership Actions in your role (e.g. if you are a Student Rep you would need to have attended a Meeting and used SimOn feedback tool)
  4. Complete 500 word reflective log, download your reflective log here
  5. New Self-assessment & Action Plan
  6. Progress interview with SUBU
  7. Collect Level 2 Certificate

Level 3

  1. Complete Action Plan from Level 2
  2. Attend at least 2 more Workshops/recommended Self Study and complete Workshop/Self Study Log
  3. Lead a team activity to practice new Leadership Skills
  4. Complete 750 word reflective report, download your reflective log here
  5. Progress interview with SUBU
  6. Collect Level 3 Certificate






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