Our Volunteering Projects

Environmental Focus

Beach Champions: Bournemouth’s greatest asset its beautiful sandy beaches.  Our Beach Champions volunteer to help keep the coasts clean through regular beach cleans to stop litter getting into the sea and harming our environment.  Help the fight to keep our shores litter-free!! 
Conservation Rangers: If you love the great outdoors or want to learn more about the beautiful Dorset countryside and how to look after it, then being a Conservation Ranger is for you.  With regular afternoon and weekend activities, you could well find yourself ‘pine-pulling’ on the RSPB nature reserve, helping members of the public learn more about the countryside at the Kingfisher Barn, or learning about hedge management in the countryside.
Slades Farm Community Garden Project: At Slades Farm, just a short walk from Talbot Campus, volunteers muck in to help build and maintain a community garden.  Get involved with digging, planting, pruning, weeding and maintaining the frog pond while learning all about organic gardening, to make Slades Farm a nicer environment for everyone to enjoy.

Community Focus

Alzheimer’s Society: Our two Alzheimer’s support projects are the Memory Café and Singing for the Brain.  At the Memory Café, student volunteers come and chat to people suffering from memory conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, enjoy a cuppa, and playing tabletop quizzes and games, or just being someone there to chat with to brighten their day.  At the Singing for the Brain project, volunteers join the community members as they sing songs which can aid the memory and improve their general wellbeing.  So if you want to put a smile on people’s faces, this project could be for you!!
Hope for Food: Hope for Food is a charity focused on feeding the homeless, and helping out around 200 families in the local area, who are struggling with poverty.  Volunteers help out on a regular weekly basis at the local ‘Soup Kitchen’ in central Bournemouth.  Students also donate their unwanted bedding at the end of the year such as duvets, pillows and sleeping bags.
Mural Painting: If you enjoy art and painting this is for you.  The Mural Painting Volunteers will design and paint murals for local schools and charities.  Last year, our Mural Painters painted some fantastic walls in the waiting room of the local charity Rape Crisis.
MAD Days: MAD stands for Make-A-Difference and does exactly what it says – a group of students making real change and improving people’s lives. Previous MAD Days:
  • Making Christmas decorations for a Residential Care Home
  • Urban Weekenders Conservation Project at Upton Heath
  • Litter Squad Community Litter Pick
  • Chocolate Sleigh Making for Trussell Trust Food Bank
  • Toiletry Bags for the Homeless – Hope for Food