Part-Time Officer Candidates 2017

Tuesday 10-10-2017 - 16:55

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Over the last week, students have been nominating themselves for a position on the Executive Committee, on one of the 5 Councils, and the new Liberation Campaigns. We can now announce the candidates for each. 


Candidates for the Executive Committee:

Jodi Nwasike

Lea Ediale-Ehimanre

Devon Biddle

Drew Miller Hyndman

Marylyne Samson 

Tinya Giwa-Osagie

Tae Hoyi

Balogun Adeyinka

Teodora Tepavicharova

Robin Moran

Alexandra Cazacu

Luisa Borrero

Marwan Waleed Yehia Abbas Abdelaal

Bethany Vaughan

Emmanuel Odunsi

Josh Stevenson

Benjamin Jean-Jacques

Ololade Promise Eniola-Olaitan



Candidates for Activities Council:

Academic Societies Officer - Raluca-Ioana Vintilescu

Arts and Performance Activities Officer - Tereza Wolf

Cultural Activities Officer - Kausara Sanni

Faith Activities Officer - Lenrick Greaves

Political and Campaigning Activities Officer - Megan Robertson

RAG Chair

- Muyambo Kasweshi

 - Emma Reynolds

Special Interest Activities Officer - Jake Ruggier

Sports Officer - Vedangi Kulkarni


Candidates for Community Council:

Halls Health and Wellbeing Officer - Heidi Quinn

Unilets Housing Officer - Daniella Ford



Candidates for Education Council:

Faculty of Media &Communication Education Officer (Undergraduate) -

Tom Rayner

Maddy Chappell

Nia Taylor Aiken

Faculty of Science & Technology Education Officer -

Emily Dalton

Guste Kalanaviciute

Sol Brown



Candidates for Lansdowne Council:

Lansdowne Equality and Inclusion Officer - Abiodun Abidemi 

Lansdowne Events Officer - Jessi Maguire

Lansdowne International Students Officer - Balogun Adeyinka 



Candidates for Welfare Council:

Health and Wellbeing Officer - Tosin Obasaju

International Students Officer (Non-EU) - Koyonnor Williams

Sexual Health and Relationships Officer - Alanis Christian



Candidates for Black Students' Campaign:

Committee Member - Joy Osula

Committee Member - Ekua van Dyck

Committee Member - Salima Kamara

Liberation Officer - Lenrick Greaves



Candidates for LGB+ Students' Campaign:

Committee Member - Joe Colegrove

Committee Member - Gareth Thomas

Liberation Officer -Darren McSwiggan



Candidates for Students' of Colour Campaign:

Committee Member - Marwan Waleed Yehia Abbas Abdelaal

Liberation Officer - Zoe daniels

Liberation Officer - Melita Noronhs 



Candidates for Students' with Disabilities Campaign:

Liberation Officer - Charley Douglas


Candidates for Women's Campaign:

Committee Member - Esther Adeusi

Committee Member - Claudia Amoah

Committee Member - Clara-Mae Turrall

Committee Member - Sharon Calado Dombele 

Liberation Officer - Nia Taylor Aiken

Liberation Officer - Devon Biddle

Liberation Officer - Bethany Evans

Liberation Officer - Tinya Giwa-Osagie


Candidates for Transgender and Non-Binary Campaign:

Liberation Officer - Bethany Vaughan


Voting for the Part Time Officer Elections opens on Tuesday 17th October at 9am.

BU students can vote either at the voting booths at Talbot or Lansdowne, or online.


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