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Skydiving Course March 30th

Skydiving Course March 30th


£50.00 (Members)

Skydiving Course March 30th

Sat 30 Mar 2019 06:00 - Sun 31 Mar 2019 18:00

Netheravon APA

The Static-Line Skydiving Course is here! Learn to jump out of a plane solo in just a weekend!

How it all works:

On Saturday the 30th of March, we leave for Netheravon drop zone early in the morning at 6:30am in the minibus from Talbot Campus. Once we arrive, new course members will do their ground school together, to learn to jump out of a plane solo. If you get hungry there's a café at the drop zone where you can buy lunch (bacon baps, burgers, chips etc.) but of course you can bring your own food if you wish.

This should take up most of the day, which is why we stay overnight for Sunday where, if the weather permits, you can do your first jump. In the evening of the Saturday we all go somewhere like harvester, pizza hut or wherever we want for dinner, before getting back to where we’ll be staying for the night so make sure to have a card or cash on you for that. There are other shops near the restaurants too, so if anyone wants to pick up some booze or food for the night we can do that before we go to where we’re staying overnight!

Overnight we’ll be staying in the bunkhouse next to the drop zone. There are showers/toilets etc., so make sure to bring overnight things (towel if you want a shower, clothes, toiletries, toothbrush etc.) It can be cold, so we recommend bringing some warm clothes, and to bring a sleeping bag if possible.

At the drop zone they recommend wearing comfy clothes to jump in, for example trackies, trainers, any sports gear is usually fine, and as mentioned before, bring a hoodie or coat in case it’s cold! No flipflops or anything like that!

Come Sunday morning we’ll get back to the drop zone early, by around 8:30am, to do your jumps. If the weather isn’t good on the Sunday and we can’t jump, we’ll be doing regular trips up to the drop zone in the weeks after that, to make sure that everyone gets to jump!

If all goes to plan and we get some jumps in, we will most likely be getting back to Talbot campus in the evening, around 7pm. If the weather’s bad as mentioned earlier, we may leave earlier and therefore get back sooner than 7pm. We may be able to drop people off near where they live rather than Talbot campus.

Details to bear in mind: Maximum weight limit for this course is 14st although we can take up to 14.5st, Lower age limit is 16 and upper age limit to start is 54. The age shouldn’t be an issue as we’re students but we include that just in case.

Costs - The overall cost for the course is £247. This includes:

· Membership fee for the year with the society (£27).

· Transport there and back from the drop zone for the year.

· Insurance for the year.

· The cost of your first jump.

· Your ground school training.

Extra costs are:

· Overnight cost to stay at the bunk house: £5.

· Food at the dropzone and in the evening at the restaurant.

· Any food you wish to buy at the café (a burger is around £3/£4 for example).

· £40 for each jump you do after your first. You can pay this at the drop zone by cash or card.

What you have to do to sign up:

1. Send us your name, dates of birth and weight and age. You can send this to, or to Jon Wall on Facebook (check profile bio to see BU Free Fall President if you are unsure you’ve found the right Jon Wall)

2. Purchase your membership (£27 - ) Do this before you pay for the £50 deposit

3. Pay the £50 deposit for the course on SUBU under BU Free Fall events – We will provide a link for this at a later date too. (this may not be an option straight away, if not check back a day later)

Those two payments cover £77 of the £247. The rest of the total is paid on the day at the dropzone by cash or card (£170).

There are only 12 spots available and the deadline for sign ups is the 1st of March, so make sure to do the three things above before then!

That should be everything, if you have any questions or if we’ve missed anything out, don’t hesitate to message Jon Wall on Facebook, email us at or check out our Facebook page BU Free Fall Club at

Can’t wait to see you soon!