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GOAT, not to be confused with the furry mountain-dwelling animals, is SUBU's Student Research Team. 

The GOAT team is made up of GOAT Champions that go out and talk to fellow students face-to-face to collect opinions about their experience here at BU based on a pre-set question.
This feedback is then analysed and turned into reports that can be presented at BU committees so that SUBU can work with BU to make changes that benefit students. GOAT members can be involved in every part of this. 
By collecting student opinions face-to-face, the GOAT team can find out if an issue/topic is widespread as well as identifying specifics of the topic/issue which need to be worked on to benefit students.

We're currently looking for students to join our GOAT team so check out the information below! If you already have, here's the link to register

How do the GOAT team know what questions to ask?

GOAT research questions come from three main areas: student feedback; elected representatives or BU staff members.

Student Feedback: SUBU receives feedback from students in a number of ways including from SimOn (Simple Online Tool), How's SUBU for you? and democratic meetings such as the Big Student Meeting. We review it all to find out what’s currently important to students and ask questions about that to shape how to work on an issue/topic.

Elected Representatives: Elected representatives such as the full time officers are always working on projects that benefit the student experience. Researching student opinions through the GOAT team is one way that can help enhance the work officers are doing to improve the student experience.

BU Staff: Sometimes members of staff from BU ask if we can collect student opinions on something that has changed or something that has come up as an issue and more research is needed.  

Previous questions asked include: How important is anonymous marking to you? What are you worried about being able to afford whilst you're a student? Do you work whilst being a student? 

What are the benefits of being part of the GOAT team?

Becoming a GOAT Champion is a unique and fantastic opportunity to develop skills in:

  • Confidence in communication
  • Clarity in expressing thoughts or ideas
  • Analytical skills
  • Report writing
  • Presentation skills

Plus you get access to the SUBU Leadership Award with a number of workshops available offering personal and professional development as a leader.

I'm interested in being part of the GOAT team – what does it involve & how do I take part?

Each GOAT team member receives essential training where you meet each other and learn face-to-face research skills to be able to go out in pairs and collect student opinions on a set question.

For each project we ask that you complete 2 hours of data collection over two weeks (so that's 4 hours in total). Projects last for 4 weeks so there's other optional tasks to get involved with beyond data collection such as getting involved with the analysis, report-writing and presenting to a BU Committee. 

We will offer more in-depth training on data analysis, producing research reports and presentation skills to any GOAT member that wants to get more involved with all aspects of the research project. 

How do I join?

If you are interested in becoming a GOAT Champion please register your details and pick a training date here.

If you have any questions then get in touch with Sophie Bradfield on suresearch@bournemouth.ac.uk

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