GOAT stands for Go Out And Talk.  The GOAT team are a group of BU students who help SUBU by collecting students’ opinions about their experience here at BU, so that we can work with BU to make changes that benefit students.

What they do?

You might see the team around campus in their GOAT t-shirts – they’ll be asking students a couple of questions on a topic or issue that has come to SUBU’s attention, for example from a survey, or the student reps.

How do the GOAT team know what questions to ask?

SUBU already receives feedback from students, so we review it all to find out what’s currently important to them and ask questions about that.

I’m interested in being part of the GOAT team – what does it involve & how do I take part?

Each GOAT team member helps with collecting opinion for three days each term. To help you do this we offer an initial training session so you can meet the rest of the team and develop some specific face-to-face research skills.

If you’d like more in-depth training into market research and producing research reports, we’ll also be offering this to GOAT team members. (We’re doing this because it’s directly relevant to some degrees and careers and we like to offer more benefits to students where we can.)

Who do I speak to if I want to be part of the GOAT Team?

If you are interested in becoming a GOAT team member please get in touch with Jane De Vekey - jdevekey@bournemouth.ac.uk


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