Wanted to try out a club or society and not had time? Or just wanted to try one out and see what it's like? PERFECT!


1. Click links below

2. Book your free ticket

3. Enjoy!




12PM: Christian Union Taster

12PM: Sailing Club Taster

12PM: STAR Taster  

1PM: American Football Taster  

1PM: Boxing Society Taster  

2PM: Quidditch Club Taster

3PM: Climbing Club Taster  

5PM: Japanese Society Taster  

5PM: LGBTQ+ Gamers Taster

6PM: British Sign Language Network Taster

6PM: Gamers Society Taster

6PM: Gospel Choir Taster  

6PM: Harry Potter Society Taster  

6PM: Improvisation Society Taster  


12PM: First Aid Society Taster  

2PM: Ultimate Frisbee Taster

5PM: Japanese Society Taster  

6PM: Animation Society Taster

6PM: Anime Society Taster

6PM: LARP Society Taster  

7PM: First Aid Society Taster

7PM: Poker Society Taster 

7:30PM: Cheerleading Society Taster  

7:30PM: Christian Union Taster 


10AM: Podcast Society Taster

2PM: Design Society Taster

2:30PM: Yoga Club Taster

4:30PM: Hip Hop Dance Society Taster

5PM: Japanese Society Taster  

6PM: Disney Society Taster

6PM: Gamers Society Taster 


You can download the full guide here

What is Sports & Societies Festival?

SUBU Sports & Societies festival is a week long campus wide event which showcases what sports and societies theere are on offer here at the university. Not only that it gives you a chance to try them out for free and see what you like without committing to anything in particular.

There are taster sessions for tones of sports and societies on all week so come on down, see what's on and try sometyhing new! Maybe you'vre always wanted tor try something but have been unsure of how to go about it, or maybe it was just too expensive at the time. Come along, jump in and find out from the people directly involved what it's like to do it alongsinde your studies.

On top of all of that, the Sports & Societies festival incorporates our award winning Refreshers Fair!

What is Refreshers Fair?

The SUBU Refreshers Fair is an exhibition that is free to attend for ALL BU students. It's your chance to talk to 100's of Clubs and socieites and it's literally a refresher about the numerous oportunities availible to you to take part in alongside your studies. This is a great way to get more from your time at BU. 

Why should I attend?

Maybe you missed the Freshers Fair in September, or just wanted to settle into the student life before you branched out. This is the perfect time to consider expanding your horizons, meeting some great people and taking part in something you love or feel passion for ourtside of your studies. 


There will be a collection of local and national bodies coming down, as well as music food and drink! There are some great freebies and discounts you can collect, so make sure you don't miss it.

Check out the video from this years sports and socities festival to see what it's all about!