VP Community: Georgia Larkins


Hey! I'm Georgia, your VP Community for 2016/17. Feel free to come and speak to me in the SUBU office, or email me suvpcommunity@bournemouth.ac.uk

My Manifesto

"I believe I will make a great VP Community because throughout my time at university I have seen in numerous occasions how students are taken advantage of when it comes to housing. I want to use the student community wardens to reach out to those in housing (especially first years) and a give friendly face to face contact informing students what events are on whilst working on creating a cohesive environment in which we can all live in. I will also work on improving first years' halls experience through their feedback and do my best to implement it by working with SUBU and BU."

As your VP Community I aim to:

- Dramatically minimise communities' stigma against sudents that label them "of anti-social behaviour", and demonstrate that they do a lot for the community through causes such as the Green Taskforce

- Work along-side SUBU Advice in a quest to minimise problems with housing for students such as being misled by estate agents or landlords not sticking to their duties. This in the long run is actually vital for the community, as housing maintenance can be solved, for example landlords not providing enough bins to which could be a cause for litter on the streets.

- Ensure steps are made to minimise these risks that provides a better community to live in. However, this goes beyond Winton, we live in a society that is based around technology, we are disconnected and there is no time to communicate and listen to one another’s voices.

- Create a community that encourages inclusion for everyone, where we can feel safe, breaking down the barriers, the stigmatisation, producing a cleaner, safer environment in which we all can live harmoniously. It may be a big dream, but I plan on taking the steps through campaigns, working with local councils and students to strive for a happier community to live in for everyone.


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