'You're Brilliant!' Awards FAQ

How do the 'You're Brilliant!' Awards work? 
The 'You're Brilliant!' Awards are a SUBU initiative that allows students to nominate any staff member who has made a positive difference to their student experience.
What are the categories for nomination?
The beauty of these awards lies in their simplicity. There are no specified categories or criteria for nominations other than students nominating a member of staff because they are brilliant.
Who can be nominated?
Any member of BU/SUBU Staff can be nominated, from academics, support staff, estates staff to bus drivers and staff who work in the cafes on campus. All that matters is that they are brilliant!

How do I nominate a staff member for a “You’re brilliant!” award?
You can nominate a staff member by one of the following ways:-
1. Nominate them by clicking HERE and filling in the nomination form on line.
2. Fill in a nomination form by the special purple voting boxes you will find in the Student Centre and around campus.
All nominations received will be given an award as long as the reasons given are stated coherently, and are valid! To help us, when you fill in the form, please state your reasons for nominating this person as fully as you can, as we use these words on the certificate for the staff member. 
When can i nominate someone?
You can nominate any member of staff, at any time from the start of the Arrivals in September, throughout the year.
How are the 'You're Brilliant!' Awards presented?
When nominating someone you will state how you wish the award to be delivered. You can choose to deliver it yourself or you could ask a member of the YBA Team to present it. We like to ambush staff when they are least expecting it - during a busy lecture, in their office with colleagues watching and even on shift at a cafe or on a bus. When someone is brilliant we want everyone to know about it. We aim to take a photo of each winner for the website and occasionally film the delivery too. 
What does the 'You're Brilliant!' Award winner receive?
Winners will get a certificate that states the exact words a student has used to tell us why they are brilliant. On there first nomination (yes - staff members can be nominated numerous times throughout the year, many people get several!) staff get a certificate and a mug and on their subsequent nominations staff get a certificate and a badge.
Who do I speak to if I have a query regarding the "You're Brilliant!" Awards?
If you have any questions regarding the "You're Brilliant!" Awards get in touch with Emma Pringle - epringle@bournemouth.ac.uk or pop into the Student Centre and visit the Reps Team on the first floor.

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