5 Star status

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These awesome student clubs and societies are 5 Star! 

Examples of how they earnt 5 Star status:

Linked with other clubs
Held fundraisers
Had monthly meetings
Attended the Big Student Meeting

Congrats to:

Bournemouth University Bobcats
Bournemouth University Boat Club
BU Falcons
BU Climbing Club
BU First Aid Society
BU/AUB Live Action Role Play Society
BU & AUB Performing Arts Society
Bournemouth University Polo Club
STAR Bournemouth
BU Surf Club
BU Swimming 
Bournemouth Heat - Ultimate Frisbee
Wildlife Conservation Society BU


If you become a member of a 5* club or society you can expect a high level of service with regular activities, giving you real experience and opportunities to aid your personal and professional development. These clubs and socs also receive social media support across SUBU.

Do you want your club/soc to be 5*? Find out how:



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