Not interested in the elections?

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Fair enough; but before you buy your ball tickets please think about this.

Democracy is in its infancy. In the UK, we have only had the universal right to vote for 100 years. We can still see the consequences of lack of democracy in areas right across the world.

You’re eventually going to be a graduate, a professional person with a decent income hopefully and a stake in the future. Are you really going to let other people make all your choices for you? Look at the world as it is right now and ask yourself if you would change any of it, if you could?

You can, and you could.

In Bournemouth on May 2nd 2019 there will be also the first ever election for the new Bournemouth, Poole & Christchurch Local Authority,  a brand new merged body- the first ever election for what is effectively our new city council- it will be critical in setting a tone and expectation for everything that follows. They need to understand there is a thriving student community in this place.

(There may also even be a second referendum or a even a General Election coming along in 2019. Who knows what's going to happen!)

So please think about getting involved in the SUBU Officer Elections process - we think students need better representation, and you are the ones that can make a difference for students to come.

Thanks for reading (sorry about the ruse) click here to buy your Summer Ball Tickets


Your SUBU Elections Team


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