Meet the 2019/20 Committee!

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So the stress of results day is over and congratulations, you're on your way to BU! We cant wait to welcome you in September. We thought it would be great to have a little short bio about each of our committee members, so you feel ready for freshers and the best years of your life.

Jaime Parsons - President

Hi! My name is Jaime, I'm 19 and entering my second year of Forensic Science. I have the hopes of becoming a forensic pathologist, but I am also interested in psychology, toxicology and crime scene analysis. In my free time I play for the university hockey 1st team, for which I am one of the tour secs for the 2019/20 season, love to play music and of course, an awesome night out. As President, I am so excited to welcome you to the incredible town that is Bournemouth, and the university.

Chloe - Vice President and Events Assistant

Hi I’m Chloe, I am currently going into my second year of Forensic Investigation. What interests me most going forward into my second year is the crime scene and case studies units. In my free time I enjoy socialising with friends and finding new places to explore.

Margaux Wilson - Communications Officer

Hi I’m Margaux! I’m starting my 2nd year doing Forensic Investigation. My favourite part of the course so far is forensic psychology but in my spare time I love to do dance! I hope to see lots of new faces in the society this year!!

Jessica Davis - Treasurer

Hi I’m Jess and I’m just going into my second year of Forensic Investigation. I love the criminal law aspect to my course and am particularly interested in forensic psychology, blood splatter analysis and detective work. When I’m not studying I like exploring Bournemouth’s many restaurants and bars and watching crime documentaries.

Sebastian Millard - Health and Safety Officer

Hi I’m Seb and I’m going into my 2nd year of Forensic Science. I’m interested in entomology and toxicology, and in my free time I go climbing with my friends and try to best my record for most chicken nuggets eaten in a week.

Rachel Balaam - Events Officer

Hey I’m Rachel, I'm going into my second year of Forensic Investigation; my favourite areas within forensics are psychology and toxicology. Outside of forensics, I love partying too hard (famous for it) and if ever you need some nail inspo, believe me I’m your girl!

Sophie Lawrence - Social Media

Hey I’m Sophie, and I'm going into my second year of Forensic Investigation. I have a passion for forensics and drinking (particularly during the legendary Forensics Society socials). My favourite areas within forensics are toxicology and psychology. If you ever need a banging Netflix recommendation then I’m your girl, trust me!


So there you have it! This is the committee (pretty banging lot aren't we), and we can't wait to meet you and get boozy with you this coming year!


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