Free Printing At Your Student Centre!

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Free Printing At Your Student Centre

Did you know there are two FREE printers in the Student Centre at Talbot Campus! If you haven't done so already, this article will tell you all about how to use them to do all your printing without spending a penny.

Both printers are situated on the first floor of the Student Centre and are currently acting as a pilot scheme to see the effectiveness of free printing. The free printers will place a small ad at the bottom of your document, which will shrink your document slightly so that the advert does not cut off any of your work. 

The printers have been issued from a company called Printt. You can print for free by downloading the Printt app. Once you have done this you can upload documents from any device, but will still need to send it to print via your mobile. As the printer places adverts on your document, it is not intended for printing work to be submitted, but is useful for drafts, printing out research and lecture slides, as well as non-Uni related documents i.e. train tickets.


Alex, the previous VP Education, had this to say; “This is something I’m really proud to have achieved this year. Students always say that the cost of printing is too high at university, now they can print for free. This is just one of many successes that have come from the officers at SUBU responding to feedback from students.” 


Full easy to follow instructions can be found beside the printers on the first floor of the Student Centre


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