How Would YOU Make Student Life Better?

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We asked what YOU would change at BU, or how you would improve student life in the run up to the elections nomination period

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You came out with 250+ amazing suggestions. The below was collected via our Whiteboard and our SUBU Instagram story questions:


  1. Better disability access and resources
  2. Improve GP Service to Talbot (x9)
  3. Faster doctor appointments
  4. Kettles in Uni
  5. Somewhere to sleep
  6. Bring more vibrancy and decorations to the Student Centre
  7. The lift always breaking down in the library
  8. 24/7 Library (x20)
  9. Bigger postgrad place
  10. Libraries loos
  11. Sockets in lecture halls
  12. More personal training
  13. Free buses and printers (x2)
  14. Chill area with activities
  15. BEDS
  16. Vending machines in SUBU (x3)
  17. More microwaves to warm up our food (X8)
  18. Room heating system (x2)
  19. Library 100s
  20. More study group areas
  21. More provisional spaces where everywhere else is full
  22. Swimming pool on campus (x2)
  23. Hot water dispensers
  24. More water fountains (x3)
  25. Coffee machines at the library
  26. Skate Park
  27. Smoking on campus/no smoking on campus
  28. More study space
  29. Fix the SUBU doors
  30. BMX/Dirt track on campus
  31. Make forgotten places on campus interesting again (Art Cafe, Christchurch House)
  32. A piano to play on campus
  33. The gym to be open 24 hours (x5)
  34. Cheaper gym (x2)
  35. Sell stamps on campus
  36. Install plugs in Fusion
  37. Somewhere warm to smoke
  38. More benches and tables across both campuses
  39. Free dance classes
  40. More study spaces like SUBU
  41. Free ipads
  42. Unlimited printing (x2)
  43. Swimming gym and facilities
  44. Home delivery with charges for library books
  45. Wheelchair accessibility for my friends on campus
  46. Crying corner for exams
  47. More water
  48. More seating
  49. More music around campus
  50. Laptop charging point and chargers
  51. Easier booking system for equipment
  52. Printing allowance
  53. Bigger library
  54. A place to nap/nap room (x2)
  55. Bigger whiteboard (and not erase it)
  56. Cheaper fitness classes
  57. Kitchens in classrooms
  58. Better GP with nicer nurses
  59. Replace revolving SUBU door with an automatic door.
  60. Another library
  61. Library aircon - it’s so hot it gives me headaches!
  62. Indoor football pitch
  63. AISEC local branch at BU
  64. A set of small dedicated rooms where we can rest in private



  1. Get more outside speakers for different course departments 
  2. Promote cultural exchange and opportunities between current BU Students and exchange students
  3. More trips on courses (x3) (not 1 trip over 3 years)
  4. Cheaper tuition
  5. Examples of handling results issues
  6. Recorded lectures (x3)
  7. Placement workshops
  8. Feedback on exam results
  9. Free international placements
  10. Physics degree
  11. More industry away days to make students more employable
  12. Organisation (timetable)
  13. More information about repeating an exam if failed on website
  14. Increased course specific talks for people in the industry
  15. More useful placement officers
  16. Spread out deadlines
  17. Freely available units
  18. Dedicated dissertation advisor
  19. Freely available units abroad Biological sciences (Costa Rica)
  20. Timetable - bad
  21. Detailed feedback for assignments (x6)
  22. More contact hours with our teachers
  23. Video record lectures
  24. Better attendance in lectures
  25. Joint lecture with industry
  26. Spread out lectures
  27. Meet the two week feedback and deadline for marks
  28. More instruction/help for dissertations (x9) - developing ideas, content for lit review
  29. More interaction with academic supervisors (x8)
  30. More unit options (we only had 2)
  31. Funding for students for taking international field trips units as part of their course
  32. More opportunities to build contacts after you finish your degree
  33. More practical activities less lectures
  34. Academic mentoring scheme (outside of academic advisors) and consistency across courses and faculties in the way they operate
  35. Lectures need to mark out work on time
  36. Organised course structure CAA
  37. Less early morning lectures, more in the afternoon
  38. Speed up the processing of complaints
  39. Get rid of bias an unethical surveys
  40. Reinstall the amendment of grades without having to hand in new work


Transport and parking


  1. More U3 buses (x10)
  2. More U4 buses (x9)
  3. Frequent bus timings
  4. Accessible parking
  5. Better car parking (x2)
  6. Late night uni buses 24 hour (x12)
  7. More X6 availability
  8. Winton Shuttle
  9. Buses after 8pm
  10. Free printing and buses
  11. More car parking availability for those who to drive to uni
  12. Cheaper car parking for everyone (x17)
  13. Improved parking facilities
  14. More cycle incentives
  15. Have bus times on all floors of SUBU
  16. Bus stop to get off at Student Village
  17. Later buses
  18. More U buses further out of Bournemouth
  19. Pay staff travel expenses - our lecturer lives in Liverpool and has to skype us because they aren’t paid travel expenses



  1. More highstreet food (Subway would be great)
  3. Free snacks
  4. Cheaper food in Fusion
  5. More free from food options that aren’t 3 times the price of everything else.
  6. Gregg’s food is cheaper
  7. Healthy good prices (x3)
  8. Cheaper food to buy - we are students (x9)
  9. Hot cheap meal deal
  10. Vending machine that accepts card
  11. Food bank for students
  12. Sandwiches which cost less than £3
  13. More healthy food in the shop - e.g. carrots/potatoes not just snacks (x3)
  14. More gluten free/vegan options (x41)
  15. More falafel bagels
  16. Coffee to buy at night in library at night
  17. Commercial competition for the student shop
  18. Student shop variety and prices
  19. Halal Food (x3)
  20. Actual food to buy - such as vegetables
  21. Better variety in The Student Shop (x2)
  22. More lactose free options
  23. More vegan/veggie  options, Subu is great for options but is always busy. (x2)
  24. Cheaper places for lunches, we don’t all eat at Dylans
  25. More campus places to get evening food and drink
  26. Dairy free options and milkshakes
  27. Pumpkin spice lattes in Autumn
  28. Free coffee 2 hours a day
  29. Stop charging extra for plant milk
  30. Food overpriced and needs to be served 11am onwards - sometimes our lunch breaks in lectures are 11-12 (x6)
  31. Cheaper coffee (x5)
  32. Make sauces in Fusion Building free and not in plastic sachets
  33. Cheaper BU Merch
  34. Free breakfast (x5)


Support, Funding and Campaigns

  1. More promo of health and wellbeing
  2. Let us pay library fines when we have the money, not block our account
  3. More learning disability awareness in staff (x6)
  4. More life skills lessons - e.g. mortgages, rent, budgeting
  5. Cats
  6. Counselling services more advertised on campus (improved accessibility to them)
  7. Trans and nonbinary sensitivity training for all staff (x9)
  8. Nerve funding (x5)
  9. Free recreational art courses
  10. Open up overdraft for international students
  11. Give everyone a therapist for those are struggling
  12. Bring dogs back to campus (x3)
  13. Promote pride in are nation and history (sic)
  14. Free iphones
  15. Combat loneliness and reduce stigma around it at university
  16. Better disability access physical and mental
  17. More equipment amen! Media pro
  18. Only in 3 days a week but pay £9,250
  19. Lower tuition fees, increase maintenance pay!
  20. Vote registration campaign (x2)
  21. Free eye test for heavy computer based course
  22. More promo shifts for SUBU promo for everyone
  23. Access to therapy
  24. Higher wages for staff (x2)
  25. More jobs in University for students
  26. First aid training to students
  27. More funding for the mental health zone to create change on campus
  28. More varsity funding
  29. Refund cancellation at sportBU
  30. Cheap flight tickets



  1. More activities at Lansdowne
  2. SportBU and gym at Lansdowne (x3)
  3. Free buses for mature students between Talbot and Lansdowne
  4. Freshers fair at Lansdowne
  5. Dylans’ bar equivalent at Lansdowne
  6. Microwave for Lansdowne



  1. More cultural events on campus
  2. More trips to the beach!
  3. Moonlight BBQ
  4. Open air movie streaming on a summer night
  5. Colour run
  6. More free trips (x2)
  7. More free sports
  8. Bring back Tupac
  9. End of year party
  10. Animals to pet on campus on a regular basis



  1. BU serving as a guarantor for housing
  2. More support for housing
  3. The horrible uni accomodation and the prices
  4. Students that don’t live in res life can still take part in activities (for a fee)
  5. Cheaper accommodation
  6. More options for second year accommodation in halls




  1. Improved sustainability - workshops on recycling, energy, planting, composting
  2. Make campus more environmentally friendly
  3. Greater emphasis on recycling, more education on the matter (x2)
  4. Add waste bins on campus
  5. Less waste in leaflets and posters
  6. No one use packaging (x2)
  7. 0 waste products. Everything recyclable at least. Locally sourced products


Clubs and Societies

  1. More funding for SUBU Clubs
  2. A climbing wall at uni
  3. Cheaper/free societies








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