Rep Celebration

Last week Student Reps got together to celebrate all their hard work and achievements this year. Student Reps collect feedback and represent their cohort views across the university. This year we’ve seen some amazing Reps so thank you to all of you!


During the Rep Celebration, we also recognised those Reps who went above and beyond in their role and were nominated as Reps of the Year. Here are the Reps of the Year-

Health and Social Science: Kamila Charyton

Management: Polly Kendall-Price

Media and Communication: Amie Moses

SciTech: Georgina Markey

SUBU: Georgia Hill


Also commended were:

Sophie Harris for completing her Level 5 Student Leadership Award

El Jones, Georgia Hill and Kelly Lovelock for represented the Student Voice at High-Level University meetings


Shortlists for Rep of the Year:

Health and Social Sciences: Kelly Lovelock, Zia Pearson, Kamila Charyton, Katherine Smith, Andrea Lucas, David Cabrini-Black and Rebekah Phillips

Management: Rosaline Kooiker, Cameron Fyfe, Matthew Nash and Lassi Tuominen

Media and Communication: Rowan Prosser, Ally Slavtcheva, Sasha Smee, Pippa McKernan and Gianluca Fiocchi

SciTech: Helen Renny and Bethany Webb

SUBU: Kelly Lovelock, Edward Parker, El Jones, Kamila Charyton and Furat Aziz


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