#StopAsianHate Statement

A statement from your Full-Time Officers and your Asian, Arab and Ethnic Minority Officer on the #StopAsianHate campaign.

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Stop Asian Hate Statement Stop Asian Hate Statement

Since the beginning of the global pandemic, there has been a 300% increase in hate crimes and discrimination against East and Southeast Asian communities. This has ranged from hate speech, racist language to even aggressive and senseless physical attacks on Asian people. Racist and xenophobic propaganda has been rife on social media and in real life which is what has led to the uprising of the toxic behaviours we are seeing now. If we fail to acknowledge and condemn these truths our silence only encourages such behaviour.

We, your Sabbatical Officers and the Asian, Arab & Ethnic Minority Officer, condemn these acts of bigotry. We stand in solidarity with every student and staff member who is affected and subjected to racial and xenophobic abuse. They have no place within our Students’ Union, the university and our greater Bournemouth community. We are committed to providing a space where Asian students can live in dignity, safety and peace. We are committed to learning, advocating and uplifting the East and Southeast Asian community. It is not enough to just not be racist; we need to pro-actively be anti-racist and anti-xenophobic. Be about that action.

We encourage all students affected by this matter to reach out to us for support and/or questions on how we as your Students’ Union can take a more active approach.

If you are a bystander of a hate crime, please speak up for the victims.


Naomie Lebe, SU President

Chiko Bwalya, VP Education

Toluwa Atilade, VP Welfare & Community

Ugo Andy-Eke, VP Student Opportunities

 Ayra Haziqah, Asian, Arab and Ethnic Minority Officer


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