Welcome to the Student Union Bournemouth University (SUBU) Society of Nigerian Students - Society page. It is our goal to connect and unify all Nigerian students here at Bournemouth University. We have the vision of building a community that will support you, help you feel at home and also improve the Uk-life and study experience. With a wide range of activities planned throughout the year (particularly during the summer) and a ledger of African and Nigerian spots for your everyday pleasure; so you never feel too far from home, the Nigerian Society has you covered. Prepare to have an awesome Bournemouth experience  As a society, our members and executives understand what it feels like when you are abroad. You might feel alienated or cut from your normal environment, your usual way of life or you might even be experiencing culture shock which could make you feel out of place. Feeling overwhelmed, disoriented, a bit scattered or even experiencing imposters syndrome isn't unusual. The above may even not apply to you because you've adapted well to moving abroad, and you are just looking to make friends and enjoy fun activities (a.k.a shayo). Whatever your story or what you are looking for, we have news for you. Welcome Home!

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