The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma Society 

Why Join Us?

1) Having fun with a bunch of friendly people :) 

2) Make new friends

3) Socialise with new people that are not on your course 

*once you become a member please message us on Facebook to be added to the group chat! :)*

What do we do?

This society is a place for people wanting to meet new people and do things in person, ranging from karaoke, nature walks, drinking socials, and so on. The idea is for us all to get off our phones and actually do stuff in person and help to make this Uni experience better for us all :) 

We are also going to host sober socials including mini-golf, nature walks, camping trips, and quiz nights. Join now and be part of a wholesome and inclusive group who are always looking out for each other.

When and Where?

(Due to Covid, activities will take place on Zoom for now) check out our FB page for details

The Committee:

President:  Rohan Taneja

Vice President: Chloe Rocke

Social Sec: Chloe Rocke / Mike White

Treasurer:  Mike White

Health & Safety:  Chirag Ratwani

Equipment Manager: Louis Gatrell