Why join us? 

1) To have fun while disscussing a range of different topics among fellow members.

2) To develop important life skills such as communication, critical thinking and improved articulation.

3) To develop a diverse and intricate te knowledge of different topics. 

What do we do? 

We host weekly debates on a broad range of different topics that are put foward by our members whilst having fun and developing friendships. Our society's core principles are based around respecting each other's opinions and making EVERYONE feel welcome and involved. We also host weekly social events that will be different themes each week to help strengthen friendships that are made within the society. This society has zero tolerance on hurtful or abusive behaviour. Any breaches of this will result in removal from the society as we believe everyone's opinions are to be respected whether you agree or disagree with said opinion.

Our aims and objectives are: 

To better develop and expand your opinions from other pupils in a respectful and supportive environment.

To help develop key personal skills such as critical thinking and communication.

To make new friends whilst having fun and being more informed on global affairs.

When and Where? 

Talbot campus. 

Please feel free to come and trial a session! Contact us for our details! 


Example Debate topics

  • Who should pay for the first date? 
  • Should human cloning be allowed? 
  • There is no such thing as a selfless act. 
  • Should drugs be decriminlised/legalise drugs? 
  • What are the most off putting Tinder photos? 
  • Should pornography be illegal? 
  • How much access should the government have to your data? 


Meet the Committee

President:  Toby Denholm-Smith

Communications: Michelle Dellya

Treasurer: Charlie Foskett