Our society aims to campaign on issues such as inequality, social justice, environmentalism, and a better, cleaner, more inclusive future for politics.

In this society we look to empower the youth by giving them an opportunity to engage with politics not only on a national and international level, but also on a local level.

Not party political? No problem! Joining the Labour Society is fantastic way to get involved with volunteering and helping to make a difference in the local community. And, of course, to meet new people!

We must be proactive, get out there, and make real change. As a society, we look to collaborate with other organisations, societies, and parties to campaign on issues which are of shared concern. From the disgusting raw sewage that has been dumped on our beaches to the grotesque levels of poverty reflected by large numbers of rough sleepers, we look to pressure the local Conservative council into acting on these issues.

We are also deeply worried about the underrepresentation of women, ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ+ people in politics. Therefore, we not only encourage people from these groups to join our society and committee, but to also campaign on causes such as reforms in education to teach people about all forms of misogyny, more inclusive sexual health, and horrors of Britain’s colonial past. The society is more than happy take suggestions on board and to campaign on other policy areas regarding these issues.

If you’re studying politics or international relations, this is a great opportunity as we also aim to have guest speakers such as councilors and MPs talking to students. But again, people of all backgrounds are more than welcome.

Aside from politics, we also will hold social events such as game nights, quiz nights and nights out where we can just relax, socialize, and have a bit of fun.


President: Ian Bell

Vice President: Sophie Harris

Communications:  Ewan MacBeth

Treasurer:  Vacant

Women in Politics: Vacant 

LGBTQ+ in Politics: Vacant 

Ethnic Minorities in Politics: Vacant