Who are we?

We are the BU Fitness Society!

Created by those who are passionate about fitness and want to find others who share the passion.

Let’s create a community of like-minded people who are into exercising and working out.

The society activities range from simple runs to meeting for a workout at a gym.

We plan to hold regular social events, competitions within our society and guest speakers for health-related topics.

Follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook group to stay up to date with the society.

If fitness is your passion and you want to find others who share it, this is the society for you!

Why join us?

  1. Meet others who like exercising, going to the gym and keeping fit!
  2. Embark on a fitness and strength journey with others who share the passion, no matter your fitness level!
  3. Find out more about strength nutrition and health from our events.

Key Events

BU Fitness Society Icebreaker

Thursday 7th October, 18:00, P225 (Poole House).

Meet the Commitee

President: Tomasz Varney

Communications: Flavia Macovei

Treasurer: Eric Estrada Duran