Welcome to the SUBU page for the NEW Combat Robotics Society for Bournemouth University.

This Society is all about the Art and Sport of Fighting Robots. We do Watch parties for shows like Battlebots, Robot Wars and King of Bots, as well as providing talks and interviews with Combat Robotics to help engineering students and those interested in the sport and hobby to build knowledge to apply in their careers or just for curiosity.

We want to build a community of fans and engineers based around this common interest and we welcome anyone from those who want to explore and learn something new, to engineering students who want to apply their knowledge, to those who are already fans and builders, who want to join a community for their interest.

Upcoming Events:

Thursday 6pm - Builders Meet (Details in Discord)

Friday 6pm - Watch party in Dylan's (Battlebots S4)


Our Aims Are:

  • Advance the knowledge of engineering through the use of Combat Robotics building and Designing.
  • Create a space for fans of Combat Robotics to share their enthusiasm with others and create a community.
  • Give students a way to apply their skills and provide a practical way of applying skills.


We have split membership into two tiers for our members-

Standard - Standard membership will give you access to our Socials, fun competitions, Watch parties and some of the Industry talks we'll be running during the year. Perfect for those who are curious about Robot Combat.

Builders - This membership will get you access to Robot consultation from our Patrons Ian Lewis (Razer and Warhead) and Tim Rackley (Concussion and Monsoon) both with experience competing at the highest level of Robot Combat competition. Being part of this tier will mean you will be part of building Beetle and Ant weight Robots as well.

We also have a Discord for members to join to stay up to date and talk to the rest of the community here - https://discord.gg/3snBAuN37z

The Committee

President - Alastair Vallance

Communications - Louis Becouarn

Treasurer - Will Ramsey