Cover Society

Why Join Us?

1) Whether you want to start or have been playing for a while, practice your chosen musical skill with like-minded individuals.

2) Share and discover various musical tastes.

3) Meet others and have fun covering songs.

What do we do?

Play an instrument or ever wanted to? WELL HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU BUD… you see round these parts, we’re known as the Cover Society. If you wanna’ learn, or just play that gosh darn thing for the whole world to see, we got ya COVERed. If you need help achieving this long lost dream of yours, we can help you from a whole range of things, such as reading sheet music, all the way to playing wonder wall on your Nintendo keyboardTM.

Take this chance to express yourself, from classic Metal songs, the hippest FUNK singles, to the entire discography of Radiohead or even just that song at the start of Mario 1-1. The Cover society is a place to share what you enjoy listening to and we greatly encourage members to share their opinion when they can.

Club activities will include getting into groups and learning the songs that you all decide you want to play. Each member will learn their part for a song and then come together as a group to play each part making up a heck of a jamming tune, rehearsing on a bi-weekly basis. You'll get so good at playing your instrument and chosen part, that you actually ascend into a higher being. It doesn’t matter if you've never played or have been playing for years, as long as you are willing and keen to learn and practice, with our support you'll get to the level you want to be at. Whether you want to play guitar, drums, keyboard, bass, heck even the xylophone, we will try our best to accommodate and ensure you can do what truly interests you.

At the end of the year, you will get the chance to do something that every musician does at some point in their lives, show your mettle to a crowd of people at the end of year showcase. Getting on a stage can be a nerve-wracking experience and a fear that many people worry about, however, we encourage members to take that leap of faith and have the courage to conquer this fear. Getting on a stage and performing is something not many people can say they have done and is a unique experience that you can boast about to the hot date at the party or your unintrested coworker 5 years later.


Key Events

  • Freshers Fair
  • Mid-year society check up
  • End of Year showcase

When and Where?

Bi-Weekly rehearsals on (TBA) in a professional rehearsal space (TBA)

Monthly meetings on campus

Meet the Committee

President: Andres Zamuriano

Communications: Daniel Pestana

Treasurer: Mizuki Sakaguchi

Health & Safety: Mary Rivera

Equipment & Events: Billy Seaton