Why join us?

Well, we love writing, and hopefully, you love writing, so why not make it an occasion? We are a group of writers who love to share ideas, tips and tricks to hopefully spur you on in your creative writing endeavours. Our priority is to ensure that this network resembles in no way a classroom or overly academic environment as we believe such things stunt creativity. We just want to write, why not join us and have more fun than you could possibly imagine...

What do we do?

Good question, we write (mostly) but we do other things too! We brainstorm ideas, come up with fun ways to generate new ideas, play games to stimulate creativity and we just try to create the perfect environment for you to finish that book that you've been trying to write for ages. That's certainly why we started this club, so hopefully, you can join us and we can achieve our dreams together!

Meet the team!

Harry (co-founder):
Harry is a truly fascinating man. He conjures up spectacular, bizarre ideas and is passionate about the Asda clothing aisle. He resembles a very wise yet caring Ki Adi Mundi (the forehead).
Max (co-founder):
Max is a rather peculiar fellow, his ideas are often whimsical and endlessly amusing. Think Terry Pratchett meets The Wiggles. His hair is thick, but don't let that fool you, he is quite the Plo Koon when he puts his mind to it.