Why Join Us?

1)  A Unique and Adrenalin filled experience   

2)  Enjoying karting with others and having the possibility torace in a professional kart championship

3)  Fun and Friendly social atmosphere

What do we do?

Welcome to the BU Racing & Karting Society, the fastest land-based society at Bournemouth University.

We are a society that is open to everyone, whether it be seasoned karters, motorsport lovers, thrill seekers or individuals looking to try something new. We are a new society, but we have big plans. We plan to go cooperate with all the members about finding a time best for everyone to go karting. We will have large events throughout the year, for example, Grand Prix’s or seasonal karting events with socials to follow.

We will also be bringing a team or 2 to the British University Karting Championships, so you have the opportunity to race against the best drivers in the country and represent your university in a professional karting championship.

If you want to race competitively or casually, or just want to try something new, all while being in a fun and friendly environment, then join the BU Racing & Karting Society..



Membership is £15 per terms plus the prices of the events. You do not need to purchase membership to take part in our events, but we will have 15-20% discounts for members. 


When and Where?

Time will always be decided 2-3 Weeks before any event. You can share opinion and your availability about the events in our Facebook Group. 

South Coast Karting - Chapel Gate

Clay Pigeon Raceway- Dorchester

Teamsport Southampton - Southampton

Teamsport Gosport - Gosport