Gospel Choir Society

Why Join Us?

1) Encourage young christians

2) Open to all cultures and backgrounds

3) Minister the word of God

What do we do?

As a club we aim to minister the word of God through gospel ministration.

We aim to encourage and help young Christians within Bournemouth University.

As president I felt the need to have a Gospel Choir within the university because many students come from backgrounds, cultures and upbringings of a Christian nature. After spending my first year at Bournemouth university I really felt the need and want to be involved in gospel activities, however this isn't something that the university offered.

We as sisters in Christ have many gifts and talents that will help to encourage other members that will join the society. With the gifts and talents we have we aim to be able to set up a book club within the Gospel Choir because singing alone will not allow the society to grow. The society needs to be united and bonded in other activities. For example one of the books read within the book club will be The Bible.

Additionally the Gospel Choir aim to go to competitions against other universities where we will be able to showcase our God given talents. Regular rehearsals will take place, alongside committee meetings.

Overall the biggest aim of the club is to allow young Christians to have a place where they can feel comfortable to approach the society leaders for advice. This Society aims to helps with personal growth and acheivements.


Key Events

Freshers Fair (September 22nd 2018), Activities Awards (April 2nd 2019)

When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:  Adebola Opaleye

Communications:  Molly Buckingham

Treasurer:  Sandra Edmund

Health & Safety:  Regyqueen Mbah

Equipment & Events:  Zoe Taylor