Harry Potter Society

Why Join Us?

1) Great events every week

2) Whether you're a lifelong fan of the books or someone who's just seen a couple of the films, it's the place to be

3) Make friends you'll have for years (at least from our experience)

What do we do?

The Bournemouth University of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a British wizarding boarding school teaching the magical arts.

We specialise in socials, film nights, quizzes, games nights, crafting events, scavenger hunts and annual trips to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour.

Key Events

Our first event will include a sorting ceremony, along with music, drink and games. Over the rest of the year, there will be more socials, games nights, wand-making, viewings of each of the films and a trip to the Studio Tour in Leavesden, among with many other events every Wednesday evening.

When and Where?

Most events will be on Talbot Campus (PG10) at 7pm on Wednesdays, with occasional events at the FireStation in Lansdowne.

Meet the Heads of House

Headmistress:   Shelby Barefoot (President)

Hufflepuff:   Karolina Bugajska (Communications)

Slytherin:   Stephanie Campbell (Treasurer)

Ravenclaw:   Charley Lincoln (Health & Safety)

Gryffindor:   William Aizlewood (Events Coordinator)