Harry Potter Society

Why Join Us?

1) Great events every week

2) Whether you're a lifelong fan of the books or someone who's just seen a couple of the films, it's the place to be

3) Make friends you'll have for years (at least from our experience)

What do we do?

The Bournemouth University of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a British wizarding boarding school teaching the magical arts to the students of Bournemouth University and The Arts University Bournemouth.

We specialise in film nights, quizzes, crafting events, scavenger hunts and Herbology, Potions and Flying lessons. Weather permitting, we'll have BBQ feasts on the beach and our annual trips to Warner Bros. Studio Tour should not be missed.

Key Events

October 19th 2019, 4pm - 7pm  - Taster session, Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone Movie Night.

October 23rd 2019, 5:30pm - 7pm - Sorting Cermemony and House Welcoming Event

Due to a lack of Slytherin Head of House, the Sorting Ceremony has been postponed to after the Bournemouth University Reading Week, hopefully the 9th of November.

December 2019 - Yule Ball Dinner should there be enough interest.

April 2020 - Visit to Warner Bros. Studio Tour

When and Where?

Regular meetings will be on Saturdays at 4pm, splitting our time between Lansdowne and Talbot Campus for your convenience. On occasion, some larger events will be held on other days and times.

Meet the Heads of House

Headmistress:   Lucy Ensom (President)

Deputy Headmistress/Ravenclaw: Lauren Ashenden (Secretary)

Hufflepuff:   April Raffray (Events Coordinator)

Slytherin:   TBC (Treasurer)

Gryffindor:   Adrain Watkins (Health & Safety)