Why Join Us?

1) The only platform to gather all the people from Hong Kong and get along together.

2) A large variety of activities will be provided with an acceptable membership fee.

3) Not only the committees, all the members in the society can be involved in all the decision-making process.

What do we do?

Welcome to Hong Kong Society Bournemouth University.

Studying aboard is not always easy for students to overcome as they will be facing many new challenges and an unfamiliar environment.

However, it is definitely unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience, therefore the setup of the Hong Kong Society is to gather all the students from Hong Kong to be a team or even a family.

We are glad to help the freshers to adapt the life in the UK asap, providing everyone with a chance to meet more people thus enhancing our social network.

A variety of activities will be organised, such as gatherings, competitions and festival celebrations etc. Please do not hesitate to join us!

Key Events

Gathering at the beginning and the end of the semester, mahjong competition, main festivals dinner etc.

When and Where?

Input regular events here

Meet the Committee

President - Carley Yip
Communications - Cayenne Lau
Treasurer - Gavin Tang