UniFitness Society

The Muscle & Athletic Sports Society at BU

Why Join Us?

5 reasons for students to join the club:

  1. The opportunity to compete at a national level and potentially get sponsored
  2. Fun group social events including day trips to expos such as BodyPower, evenings meals to various restaurants and nights out in Bournemouth
  3. You can meet lots of new people who share the same interests as you
  4. You will receive free nutrition and training advise to help you with your health and fitness goals
  5. Exclusive discount to the Bournemouth University gym (SportBU) and to Maximuscle products

Who Can Join Us?

ANYONE can join MASS BU at ANYTIME, as long as you're a student! No matter what your experience or ability is, everyone is welcome. We have members from all disciplines ranging from Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strong Man, Cross Fit, Sports Performance Athletes and also people who just enjoy training and hitting the gym!


What do we do?

Our mission:

Our mission is to build the biggest and best community of student athletes, whatever level they may be. We aim to bring together, empower, educate and motivate students at Bournemouth University, whilst providing the best stepping stone possible to those who wish to compete through the national MASS competitions. The MASS society will include Health, Fitness, Wellbeing, Bodybuilding, Olympic Weightlifting and Strongman etc. We offer support whether you are a beginner or experienced athlete. Our goal is to transform a student’s health and fitness confidence and life experience at University by creating a health and fitness community offering help to all - including an educational insight on the principals of training and nutrition.

Our beliefs:

We believe that having a strong and healthy body is just as important to academic and career success as an intelligent mind. Being fit and healthy can result in more energy, a better ability to focus and a clearer mind. But this cannot be achieved at the flick of a switch… it’s a lifestyle! University is a student’s first experience of living like an adult, so it’s very important that they set off on the right path from the start. MASS is a student led community that provides support to encourage this healthy student lifestyle through education, activities and competitions. Fitness is no longer an individual challenge - become a part of the world’s fastest growing student fitness community, join a new age of health-conscious career driven students and join MASS!


Events to come:

  • MASS Strength Wars (Saturday 17th of November 2018)
  • MASS Student Physique Championships (Saturday 16th of March 2019)
  • MASS Tour to Italy (Summer 2019)
  • MASS Wednesdays – Group training sessions at SportBU Gym (every Wednesday at 7pm)
  • Educational Seminars – Free training, nutrition and posing advise
  • Group Socials - MASSive Cheat Meals and Group Excursions to events such as the Bodypower expo (May 2019)


When and Where?

MASS Wednesdays are usually hosted at the Bournemouth University Gym (SportBU) on Talbot Campus. Every Wednesday at 7pm. 


Meet the Committee

President:  David Kenward (Kenny)

Vice President & Secretary:  Abbie Dowse

Treasurer & Finance Manager:  Jamie Rickman

Health & Safety Manager:  Stephen Dewdney

Equipment & Events Manager:  Dylan Howell

Media & Publicity Officer: Denis Erturan


Contact Information

Email: massbournemouth@gmail.com

Phone: 07824 683 683