Podcast Society

Welcome to the podcast society! 

Here, we will be relaxing and listening to podcasts and also creating or being apart of our very own podcast! Maybe you just have an interesting story or opinion you want to tell? Well come on down. 

If your new to podcasts or even if you’ve been listening to them for ages. Be sure to come along and chill with a bunch of people and possibly make a few friends. 

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Why Join Us?

1) To give a diverse platform for podcast based content

2) To enable people to have a voice

3) Give as wide of an audience entertainment


What do we do?

To create a warm and welcoming environment. Being open minded and exploring different opinions. Challenging perspectives and talking about diverse backgrounds, cultures and everyday lives. 

Key Events

See Facebook page for details

When and Where?

Talbot Campus

Meet the Committee

President:   Georgie Capon

Communications/Secretary:   George Englefield

Treasurer:   Aileen Robinson

Heath & Safety:   Jessica Lamerton

Equipment/Events:   Lottie Hughes