Why Join Us?

1) Diverse social atmosphere

2) Win some pocket money

3) Learn from the best Poker Society in the UK


What do we do?

Welcome to the BU Poker Society!

Our society offers No Limit Holdem poker tournaments for players of all skill levels.

The society gives students a chance to win good cash prizes in a fun and social setting, without the risk of losing large amounts of money.

Primarily it's a chance for all students to be sociable and have a good time, in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

New to poker? Always wanted to learn?

Winners of the Student Poker Championship team Event in 2017, you'll be mixing and learing from some of the best student poker players in the country! 

We will be running taster sessions in the first term for you to come along, learn and soak up the atmosphere, more importantly though we continually do training sessions for those of all skill levels so you can learn and improve at your own pace! Please check the Facebook page for updates on any events.

Membership non refundable. 


Key Events

For all event information, please join the Facebook page here:



When and Where?

TBC - Please check the Facebook for regular updates on events.

Meet the Committee

President:   James Diamond

Treasurer:   Harrison Hazeldine

Health & Safety:  Dylan Bentley

Equipment & Events:   Tyrick Gonzague