Sailing Club

PLEASE NOTE: As of August 2021, this club is now under the support of SportBU. To find out more information and to join the club please get in touch with SportBU directly. Please contact for all enquiries.


Why Join Us?

  1. The quickest and easiest route into the best sport at the Uni

  2. Great way to meet a fantastic and diverse group of people!

  3. Inclusive of all abilities, beginner or experienced!

What do we do? 

BU Sailing Club is the club for every aspiring sailor or experienced racer alike.  With a competitive racing squad with a wealth of experience and with coaching opportunities and in-house Dinghy Instructors, BUSC is the best place to learn and enhance your skills in the best sport in the world.

We sail at Spinnaker Sailing Club with a fleet of Fireflys, each week looking at training another aspect of your sailing, catered to all abilities, whether that is if you've never sailed before or whether you've been sailing for years.
BUSC is not just about the sailing though, it is the best society to really get to know a tight-knit group of people from across the university with socials held at least fortnightly. We don't just mean clubbing either, we also host a variety of activities on a variety of days! Members even have the opportunity to join us at some of the national university sailing events that happen across the country; whether that's as a sailor or as a social we have a space for everybody.


Sign Up Here to join the club:

Membership Prices:

Racing: £30 membership fee for the year + £5 per session for training

Casual: £15 membership fee for the year + £5 per session for training

Non-members wising to come along and try sailing will be charges £10 per session

*Due to retricted numbers currently, you must get a ticket and pay for the week before you can secure a place at any of the training sessions each week. These are both avaliable here on the SUBU website. During these times we are currently working out things as we go along but are excited to start training sessions twice a week commencing in October and hope to see all of you out on the water.*

If you're interested please feel free to get in contact with us either through Facebook, Instagram or Email! Or use the link above and complete our sign up sheet. We hope to see you soon!!!!

When and Where?

Race Training:

-1 pm every Wednesday (Meeting Point: Spinnaker Sailing Club, Ringwood)

Casual Sailing:

- 12:30 every Sunday (Meeting Point: Spinnaker Sailing Club, Ringwood)


We are currently not running any sailing session, however if you would like to join us and get involved send us a message and we will add you to the WhatsApp group.


Green Blue Challenge:

BUSC is also taking part in the the Green Blue initiative, entering The Green Blue  Uni Challange at the Silver level.

We feel it’s important that we take part in this to raise awareness of the ways that boaters can do their bit to make their hobby and clubs more sustainable, prevent the spread of invasive species and protect our playground from lasting damage from pollution.

We will be looking to work with Spinnaker Sailing Club to bring about this initiative and carry out sustainable practices at our sailing club and beyond.

Follow us on the social's to see what we do, and let us know if you want to get involved! 





  • Membership top up - Social to Racing£15.00
  • Sailing Team Hoodie 2020 order£20.00
  • Sailing Team Tops 2020 order£16.00
  • Boat Hire£30.00
  • Sailing Club £50 Donation£50.00
  • Sunday - casual sailing Sun 25 Apr 2021 - Members£5.00
  • Sunday - casual sailing Sun 25 Apr 2021 - Students£10.00
  • Wednesday Sailing (5th May) Wed 5 May 2021 - General£10.00