Why Join Us?


  1. Good Opportunity to network with other coaches 
  2. Fun and sociable 
  3. Chance to expand your knowledge in the field

What We Do


Allow a space for any person in the uni who has a passion for coaching sport - you do not have to be on a sport course. This society is for anyone, and everyone who has a passion for coaching.

We aim to give the best possible network and pathway oppertunities for coaches who wish to expand their knowledge and network. Along side this the society will also work alongside CoachBU and create a bridge to allow members of this society to get involved with the CoachBU program. 


What Events We Run


Every month we will hold events such as having guest speakers and workshops which hope to inspire and expand your knowledge in, and around coaching, as well as holding 2 social meetings a month (one every two weeks).

You will also get the chance to get on our LinkedIn page and connect with other coaches and members in the same industry to create endless possibilities for your career.


President:  Kirah Ambroziak (s5305467@bournemouth.ac.uk)

Communications:  Molly Prince (s5310091@bournemouth.ac.uk)

Treasurer:  Archie McEachran (s5205478@bournemouth.ac.uk)