Yoga Club

Why Join Us?

1) Relaxation

2) Fitness

3) Fun

What do we do?

Yoga is a way to learn how to listen to your body, increase strength and flexibility and quieten the inner chattering mind.

Throughout the year we will be learning how Ashtanga & Vinyasa inspired Yoga can help to relieve exam stress, quieten down your egotistic chattering mind through Pranayama (breathing) exercises, meditation and Yoga Asanas (postures).

A great way to wind down and press your reset button!

All our updates are done through facebook, so please give us a like at:


Membership for the club this year is £25. This will cover you for a class per week for the whole year. If you want to try it out or don't feel like getting the membership each class for non-members are £5. So, in the long run it's really worth it to get the membership. 

When and Where?

Mondays: 17:00-18:30 with Lauren McIntosh at the Student Hall (Talbot House).

Fridays: 12:00-13:00 with Jamii Prince. Mainly at the Student Hall but will use K101 when this is not available. 

Please keep checking the Facebook Page for latest updates

*All classes are mixed ability and we encourage beginners to come along and give it a go!*

Meet the Committee

President:   Juan Ramirez

Communications:   Lucinda Phalp

Treasurer:   Jake Blade

Health & Safety:  Luke Adcock

Equipment & Events:   Logan Prové