Yoga Club

Why Join Us?

1) Relaxation

2) Fitness

3) Fun

What do we do?

Yoga is a way to learn how to listen to your body, increase strength and flexibility and quieten the inner chattering mind.

Throughout the year we will be learning how Ashtanga inspired yoga can help to relieve exam stress, quieten down your egotistic chattering mind through pranayama breathing exercises, meditation and yoga asanas (postures). A great way to wind down and press your reset button!

All our updates are done through facebook, so please give us a like at:


Membership for the club this year is £25. This will cover you for a class per week for the whole year. If you decide to come to both classes the second will be £3 for members. Classes for non-members are £5 each. So if you think about it, it really is very worthy getting a membership!

When and Where?

Mondays: 17:00-18:15 with Lauren McIntosh. 

Fridays: 12:30-13:30 with Jamii Prince. Starting October 4th. 

The sessions will be moving rooms occasionally, so we'll keep you posted on our facebook page:

All classes are mixed ability and we encourage beginners to come along and give it a go!

Meet the Committee

President:   Juan Ramirez

Communications:   Lucinda Phalp

Treasurer:   Jake Blade

Health & Safety:  Luke Adcock

Equipment & Events:   Jake Hill