SUBU incorporation

Should SUBU incorporate? Full resolution below

SUBU is getting Better.

Your Students’ Union at Bournemouth is always looking to get better and do more things for our members like yourself. Whether its our advice centre, the sports and societies we offer or our student officers fighting for you within University meetings we want to be the best we can be.

Over the next few months we will be in touch with changes to the way we listen to students and how you can tell us what support you need. We’re a student led organisation and you can have your say in how we are run (this is why you were able to vote in the elections recently). We’re asking you to help us prepare for these democratic changes by allowing us to make a legal change.

What we want to change

We want SUBU to become a Charitable Company. Lots of charities like Oxfam, Help for Heroes or Breast Cancer UK are also companies and it doesn’t stop them doing good work for their members. Becoming a company will give better protection to the student Trustees, Officers and others who run the Union and help us encourage a broader range of expertise on the board.

To do this we need approval from you, our student members.

What would these changes mean for me as a student?

If we become a company (incorporate) you won’t see many changes as a student. You can still play in the sports teams, choose who represents you to the university in the elections and have a great night out in the Old Fire Station. It’s about creating a different legal vehicle not changing the way of student life.

What needs to happen?

We want you to agree that we can become a company and that we can move the current activity of the Union to that company starting from the next academic year. Usually we would do this with a meeting of students but because of Covid 19 we can’t do that.

What the union owns (its assets) and what the debts it had (its liabilities) will be moved to new Company (which is a limited liability entity).

If you have any questions about them before you vote you can do so by emailing

The vote

We would like you to choose one of the following. The resolution is quite unusual and that is because we have been guided to use it by our lawyers to make sure everything is done correctly.

Remember if you are unsure you can ask us if you have any further questions.

  • YES – I agree with the resolution below
  • NO – I do not agree with the resolution below
  • ABSTAIN – I wish not to vote


"In accordance with clause 6 of the Union's Constitution, the Members resolve to authorise the Trustees to:

  • transfer the assets and liabilities of the Union to a limited liability entity established for exclusively charitable purposes with the same or similar objects as the Union; and
  • dissolve the Union at any time following the transfer if it is considered appropriate to do so ".