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Welcome to the ideas platform. This is a place where you can submit an idea for change as well as voting and commenting on other students ideas. The more votes and comments a post gets the more likely it’ll be taken to the SUBU Summit or Student Member’ meeting where students will vote whether to adopt the idea as Union Policy. 



Your ideas can be about anything, from big structural changes to small amendments. They can call for change from within SUBU, BU or the wider community.  Your ideas can be action based such as asking the Union to lobby the university on a specific issue or ideological such as supporting a specific group. Prior to every meeting of the SUBU Summit and Student Members' meeting the SUBU Summit Chair goes through all your ideas and decides which ones should be developed into motions and taken to the meetings. Motions are discussed and debated and a final vote is then taken. If approved these motions then become Union Policy. You can find out more about Union Policy, as well as viewing the current list of live policies here.


When submitting your idea be sure to include the following information in the description:

1. What you think the problem is- this should include background information including facts, figures and research

2. What you think the solution is- this is the large scale changes that need to happen and the specific steps that you think need to be taken 

3. Which Full-Time Officer you think should lead on it

4. What other student groups you think should be involved in this work



Once you have submitted your idea one of the team will be in touch to invite you in to discuss your ideas!

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    Amending exam rules for students who are ill/unable for other medical reasons to attend campus for exams

      I believe that if a student has been told by a medical professional that they cannot attend uni for an exam for a certified medical reason, as long as they adduce adequate evidence, they should either be allowed to retake in the resit period in the same manner as anyone who missed exams in January 2022 due to COVID or similar or be allowed to undertake the exam open-book, this is dependent on the medical issue. For example, anyone who has a temporary issue e.g. broken bones or has had arranged surgery on the day of the exam should be allowed to sit the exam in the resit period without the cap being placed on them in the same manner as anyone who had COVID during the january 2022 exam window. For long-term conditions, if someone has for example a severe asthma attack but is discharged before the exam with medical orders not to attend the exam in person they should be allowed to undertake an open-book exam provided they can adduce evidence of this decision.
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