Your 2018/19 Union Officers

Ade Balogun

SUBU President

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Lea Ediale

VP Activities

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Abidemi Abiodun

VP Community

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Lenrick Greaves

VP Education

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Brad Powell

VP Welfare & Equal Oppurtunities

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Why do we elect?

The election of the Officers is enshrined in the 1994 Education Act. The act lays out what the Union must do to comply. The Governing Body of the University has a statutory duty to ensure the Students’ Union operates in a fair and democratic manner and is held to proper account for its finances.

Within the Act it states that The Students’ Union should appoint union officers by election in a secret ballot in which all members are entitled to vote. This ensures that all students have the right to have their voice heard and by electing the student leaders ensures fair representation and that the leadership of the union is endorsed as thoroughly as possible by the student body.

2018 Full Time Officer Election Highlights