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This is the perfect gradute (or placement) job for you. It's something different and will improve your future employability skills no end

As a Full-Time Union officer, you will drive change, represent over 15,500 students and develop life-long skills.



Full- Time Officer Roles

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As President, you will represent the student voice and lead in various campaigns across the student calendar. 

This job is to support 17, 500 students and ensure they get the best out of the variety of the opportunities we have here at your Students' Union.

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This role supports participation and involvement within clubs and societies, whilst encouraging students to get involved with new ones. You will work alongside of Raising and Giving (RAG) to encourags students to get involved in raising money for good causes whilst enjoying life changing experiences.

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This position represents all students academically across both BU campuses, ensuring their academic experience at Bournemouth University is the best it can be. You will work closely with SUBU and BU staff to ensure students get the best out of your university experience.

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The VP Community works towards improving students experience in the community, across BU campuses and accommodation.

You will also work to improve student volunteering and sustainability in and around both campuses.

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This role is to represent the voice of the student body to the university and to the community. You will ensure all students feel represented regardless of where they come from or how they identify. You will lead on enhancing the wellbeing of students, such as  mental health campaigning

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What is a Full Time Officer?

No matter what year you're in at BU, you can become a SUBU Full-Time Officer - a paid year-long role which is an incredible leadership experience. 

During this time you will you develop your skills and increase you employability well beyond your time at SUBU. From taking the lead on key initiatives and campaigns to organising fantastic events, these roles are an incredible, unique opportunity for you to enhance your professional career. 

If you have a burning desire to lead the future of student life, then you should nominate yourself to be a Full-Time Officer for 2019.

You'll get to input many of your ideas, enthusiasm and creativity into this role - just imagine the chance to shape the future of Bournemouth University forever.

           See our Manifesto Tips

Key Dates

Nominations Open 
Monday Feb 11th  

Nominations Close
Thursday Feb 28th

1st Candidates Briefing
Monday March 4th 

Hustings (candidates Q & A)  
Thursday March 14th

Monday March 4th 

Vote open
Thursday March 14th 

Vote close
Thursday March 21st   

Results night
Friday March 22nd 

Take office
Monday June 17th

Why should I run?
  • One of the best graduate/placement jobs in the world 
  • Drive change as the leader of a multi-million organisation
  • Challenge yourself to do something brilliant
  • Have a positive impact on the lives of over 17, 500 students
  • Find out more...

Where can I find more information?  

All information will available online shortly or through the Democracy & Equality office.

When do I need to start campaigning? 

Public campaigning is not permitted until the elections open but prospective candidates are welcome to be having conversations privately with supporters and planning campaigns.

Read the elections rules