Black History Month 2018


In October we celebrate the contributions made by black people in the UK. For 2018, our Union officers have arranged a month of fantastic events. Join us to celebrate four weeks of empowering and educational events that everyone can take part it in. SUBU has been celebrating BHM for years, and this year we want to make it the most successful ever. 

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You Student Centre will be transformed in October - with a variety of events happening throughout the campus. 

We created this video below to demonstrate the important of focusing on this occasion and what it aims to acheive. 

What goals do we want to acheive this year?

1. Empowerment. Let students see the progression of opportunities for black people, and beyond the Uni experience
2. Make black students feel more at home and enhance student engagement.
3. For non-black students, BHM can raise awarness and sensitivity.
4. To create something that is more than just a culture.
5. Promote a sense of belonging at BU. To not be divisive or cause seperation.


If you want to get involved with Black History Month or any of our other Black Liberation work check out our Liberation Campaigns!