What is SUBU Debates?

As a student-led initiative, we think it's important that students have an opportunity to informally talk about things going on in our society. SUBU Debates is open to all students (that's you) to come along and express your opinions on the chosen topic of the month. 

Debates are led by one of our student debate champions who acts as a host to ensure everyone can have their say and of course hear from a panel of experts too! You don't need to have formed opinions to come along, or debating skills for that matter, we just ask that you share our values of freely expressing opinions with tolerance and respect for one another.

Some of Our Most Popular Debates

  • Are Generations Becoming More Sensitive?
  • Is It Too Late To Save The Planet? As part of SUBU One World Festival 2018 - see photos here
  • Does Consent Need To Be Verbalised? As part of Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2018
  • Is Benefiting From White Privaelege Racist? As part of Black History Month 2017
  • Why Should I Vote? General Election Special
  • Is Feminism Sexist?
  • When Is Fancy Dress Offensive?

Student Feedback from debates:

"Open & free atmosphere to debate and to express everybody's views" 

"Great questions, opinions, debate and overall topic which I am extremely passionate and interested in"

"I liked the knowledge that I gained from the different opinions that were presented"