Can I come late to a debate if I can't make it on time?

Our start times account for registration of audience members on the door, the debate will start on time and we will have a 10 minute window for late attendees. After this time the doors will be closed to prevent interruptions, but there will be champions by the doors in case you do want to come in.


Can I bring my non-BU friends to debates?

People who aren't BU students or staff may attend debates as observers only and will sit in a specified section of the room for observers.


How are the topics for a debate chosen?

Any topic can be put forward by anyone, but it our passionate debate champions who decides which topic one would be most suitable.  Our debate champions are also students here at Bournemouth University.


Do I have to pay for tickets?

No all tickets are free! They are allocated on a first come first serve basis so to avoid disappointment get yours as soon as possible when a debate is on. 


Do I have to know anything about the chosen topic in order to take part?

No, the debates are all about discussion and learning. Whether it's your speciality subject or you know nothing at all feel free to come along and join in.