Abidemi Abiodun

VP Community


About Me

I’m an international postgraduate student studying Media and Communication.

My passion to always help students led me to get involved with SUBU. I was also encouraged by my friends. The most important of all would be my housing experience since I moved to Bournemouth. I’ve had to stay at different accommodations during a short period of time and they weren’t really nice experiences. So, I feel students shouldn’t really have to go through this same situation. I love football. Although I’m a Manchester United supporter, I support AFC Bournemouth and Tottenham Hotspurs (except when they play Manchester United of course). I also love watching movies and getting engaged in interesting conversations.


My favourite thing about Bournemouth and Dorset: 

What I love most about Bournemouth would be the beach along with the weather (preferably when it is sunny). Having been to London, I think Bournemouth is a very peaceful town and just a quiet place to live and study. There are also really lovely sites in town and nice places to visit like Swanage.


My Plans & Progress 



The housing fair which was held on Tuesday 13th Nov was a huge success. We had 1007 students in the building during the day. That is the highest number we have recorded at the fair. We also had an external agent come in and that is something that has never happened before. We also had guest from the fire service, Bournemouth water, Dorset police and Bournemouth waste and recycling to share vital information to students. In all, we had good feedbacks from the student and the exhibitors but there is still a lot more to do.

At the housing fair, we raised awareness about hosing issues and how to tackle any housing problems. Students were also advised not to rush into renting their accommodation, we also provided an update “AM I READY TO RENT” guide to help student make informed decisions about renting. I am also working with BU and attending community meetings to discuss student housing issues and the relationship students have with the community.

Worked with ResLife to organise events that helps students in BU accommodation improve their mental health and raise awareness.

I’m working on a safety campaign with the VP welfare to help protect students on nights out and to raise awareness around sexual assault.

Met with the manager at chartwells to discuss vegan food options, as a result of that there’s been more vegan food options at fusion. The student shop and Dylan’s bar both have improved on vegan foods.