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Here are a few of the amazing things Reps have achieved!


1st Year (Level 4) BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy

The Reps group were uncertain about the depth of information required for the study of the muscles of the body. The Rep took this feedback to Programme Team Meeting. The lecturer took this feedback on board and recorded a Panopto video clarifying the task, without being prescriptive. This was reported to be very helpful by several students.


2nd Year (Level 5) BA (Hons) Global Business Management

Due to lack of communication and other issues on one of their units the Rep met with the Head of Education for their Department which led to a tutor change for their course.


2nd Year (Level 5) BA (Hons) Economics

The Rep used SimOn stating that there was not enough accessibility to Macroeconomics by Perloff. The library has since ordered more copies of print edition while also signposting the ebook version which is available free online through the library.


Final Year (Level 6) BA (Hons) Media Production


With the introduction of a new element to a unit, it meant that a lot of students had carried out the vast majority of pre-production work before Christmas. Because of this, it meant plenty of students were ready to start their graduate projects in the new year, and so needed their allocated supervisors sooner than previous years' allocation date. The Rep went to a Programme/Department Team Meeting, where after hearing the Reps concerns, staff were able to devise the allocated supervisor lists almost a month earlier than previous years, meaning that students that were ready to begin their graduate projects straight after the Christmas break were absolutely able to, with the right support in place at the right time.


Masters (Level 7) MA Media and Communication

The students on the Reps course wanted a clearer understanding of the placement process, as they were worried whether they would get a placement. The Rep attended a Programme/Department Team Meeting. Following this, a placement session was organised where the students from both the cohorts asked questions and got answers for their queries.


Post Graduate Research (Level 8) Doctor of Philosophy

The Rep collected feedback from PGRs regarding the management and conditions at the Dorset House labs. The Rep managed to get a very successful meeting between lab, H&S managers and LES Reps, where different points were discussed and solutions were supplied. One of the issues the Rep raised was in relation to poor air circulation at the labs, because of this work will be done to improve the air circulation.


Post Graduate Research (Level 8) Doctor of Philosophy

The Rep collected feedback regarding the worries that PGR’s had about hot-desking when moving offices. The Rep had a successful meeting between the Head of Department at LES and the person responsible for the building plan in Christchurch House. PGR’s will now have space and the Reps from LES and AAFS are responsible for creating a desk plan. This has helped to decrease the level of worry between PGRs as some of them have very specialised software/material at their desktop and hot-desking would not be appropriate.


1st Year (Level 4) BSc (Hons) Psychology

The Reps 9am seminar was not as productive as some of their other seminars. They suggested it could be due to the room size as it’s rather large and people end up quite spread out and our comparable room is much smaller leading to more conversation and noise. We are also quite a quiet group, so sometimes getting a discussion going needs a little push. The Rep approached their unit leader before another workshop, and he has since taken our last two 9am seminars himself and students in the group have said they feel it’s been really good, useful and helpful.


1st Year (Level 4) BSc (Hons) Psychology

A Brightspace unit was slightly disorganised, and lecture/ seminar/ material's uploads weren't in date order, which made it hard to navigate effectively. The Rep emailed their course leader with an explanation; he said he would pass it on to the unit leader, who has since organised all the files!


2nd Year (Level 5) BSc (Hons) Psychology

The Rep collected feedback regarding lecture structure, seminar structure, assignment, and exam information. This made students feel that their feedback is important, and showed they can make a difference to their university experience.




What is RepSuccess?

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