BU Staff Guide - How to elect a Student Rep:


1: Play this video to the whole group

The 3 minute video will inform the group what Student Reps are, why we have them at BU, and what they're expected to do. For more information about the role you can provide the student with the Student Rep Role Description


2: Ask the students who would like to run

Give each candidate time to talk to cohort about why they want to be a Rep.


3. Ask the candidates to leave the room and ask for a show of hands vote for each them.

This could also be done via a secret ballot, or a tool like Mentimeter.


4: Announce the successful candidate and email them this letter. This can also be printed off and given to them.

The Reps must be given this letter in order to sign up to attend training and become a recognised Student Rep.


For online, distance learners and PGR students this process can be completed online:

  1. Email the whole cohort informing them that you need to elect a Rep. Ensure you direct them to watch the video by including this link: https://youtu.be/IV8mrvpNWNc. Ask them to reply to the email if they would like to put themselves forward to be a Rep with 100 words as to why.
  2. Collate each candidate’s 100 words and send them out to the cohort. Ask the group to the reply to the email with the name of their preferred candidate.  Alternatively you can add voting buttons to the email. The person with the highest number of votes will be the Student Rep.
  3. Email the successful candidate attaching this letter.
  4. Email the rest of the cohort with the name of their new Rep.



Physical training dates happen in October/November to cater for the amount of reps that start at the start of the regular academic year. For reps starting outside of this period, they will have to complete online training, which they will be able to access after they register (once you send them their welcome letter)



For more information about Student Reps, click on the headings below:

What can BU staff expect from Student Reps
What are the different levels of Rep
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And for questions please contact the Student Voice & Policy team on reps@bournemouth.ac.uk