Your Full Time Officers work closely with BU and lead the way on loads of important changes to your university experience. This page is a place for you to keep up to date on some of their achievements so far this year.



Daniel Asaya (SUBU President)

1. Lobbied the University and made the Student Research Assistant Scheme open to all students irrespective of the nature of their degree. The scheme which now includes International and Postgraduate students will give all students the opportunity to work with academics and get paid whilst studying.

2. Organized SUBU's first ever BME Awards in partnership with AFC Bournemouth and had about 300 students from different nationalities in attendance to celebrate diversity and success.

3. Part of my manifesto was to set up a forum where students, clubs/societies could attend/host debates and get the chance to air their views on certain topics. So glad that SUBU Debates is now part of your Students' Union. Please get in touch if you'd like to become a Debate Champion.

4. Lobbied MPs and Led students through two National Demos to London where SUBU marched with thousands of students across the UK saying NO to cuts and the government's Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) that aims to increase fees for students and create a market in Higher Education.

5. Got elected to sit on two committees of the National Union of Students (NUS) to represent SUBU Nationally and put us on the National radar.

6. Organized a food fair during freshers' week to provide different and affordable food options(including Jollof rice) for first-year students. 

7. Made an effort to now work from Lansdowne on Wednesdays and Fridays to make sure Lansdowne students get more representation. Come find me at Studland House or tweet/email me about any questions/concerns or even any great stuff you've been up to.

8. Worked with the SABBs, Lansdowne council and Lobbied the University to provide free bus service to Talbot campus for students studying at Lansdowne on Wednesday Afternoons starting after the Easter break.

9. ONGOING: Lobbying the University to act as a guarantor for students who may be in need of one as this will go a long way in helping with the Housing crisis faced by students

10. ONGOING: Organising a Lansdowne Week to raise awareness about all the opportunities at Lansdowne including a Lansdowne Fair that will showcase all the Academic Societies and encourage students to create new ones. Really important all students feel more included in this great community we have in SUBU.

11. ONGOING: Planning to visit students in affiliated campuses, as I believe no student should feel isolated because of their location of study

12. ONGOING: Working with Student Action for Refugees Society (STAR BOURNEMOUTH) to lobby the University for additional support i.e bursaries, scholarships for people seeking refugee status in the UK


Brooke Elias (VP Activities)

1. Set up the Engine Room Socials for clubs and societies to use for socials and other events, particularly on Wednesdays.

2. Organised a 'Wellbeing Day' that I hosted during Freshers', promoting a health lifestyle to students as they arrived at BU. This day included a variety of activities including mindful colouring stations, free yoga and meditation classes. Free head-massages, a smoothie bike and more. 

3.  I've been working closely with SportBU to ensure we work together more, and through this 'Lansdowne finess' was set-up offering students and staff free fitness classes during lunchtimes in Lansdowne. It was piloted in the first term, and will be going ahead insecond term with a small charge going towards instructors.

4. Organised and ran an 'Increasing your membership' workshops for clubs and societies committee members, which aimed to increase membership by educating committees on inclusivity, different student groups and hard to reach students.

5. I have pushed for more active use of the screens around campus; I have been posting 'an update from your VP' with information about clubs and societies, and sports teams on a regular basis.

6. As often as I can, I spend my Wednesday afternoons with different clubs and societies to get to know them better and find out how I can help them more.

7. ONGOING: Planning the first ever Sports and Societies Festival, a week celebrating and showcasing the sports teams and societies at BU, largely focussing on 'Give it a go' aiming to try and increase membership, participation and get students more involved in extra curricular activities.

8. ONGOING: Planning Refreshers Fair with members of the Activities Council.

9. ONGOING: Researching and putting together a campaign for Wednesday Activitiy Afternoons.

10. ONGOING: Organising for a games console to be permanently situated in the Student Centre!

11. ONGOING: Planning for society patrons scheme in the hope that this will support clubs and societies and help in making them bigger and better overall.

12. ONGOING: The planning of our Annual Activities Awards has begun!

Georgia Larkins (VP Community)

1. Ran a beach BBQ event for Housing students during Freshers' week.

2. Organised the safe taxi scheme as part of the 'Safe Measures' campaign to ensure students get home safely on nights out.

3. Trained the community wardens earlier in order to get students to fill out housing inventories and educate students on housing issues.

4.Worked on the housing survival guide to provide students with information relating to housing matters.

5. Organised the 2016 Housing Fair to provide students with LettingsBU contact details and promote good practice.

6. Working with the Volunteering team to put hygeine packs together for homeless people.

7. ONGOING: Collecting feedback from housing students to create a documentary to pressure local landlords to sign up to a housing accreditation scheme.

8. ONGOING: Setting up a housing buddy scheme for 2nd and 3rd year students to provide support to first year students going into housing.

9. ONGOING: Lobbying the University to find out the demand of students who need SUBU to act as a guarantor.


Jamie Swanson (VP Education)

1. Working on developing greater entrepreneurship development for students and secured discount on a local event 'StartUp Grind'.

2. Developed the 'League of Entrepreneurs' as a scheme to help students get started in the world of business including guest speakers.

3. In association with Virgin Startup, has developed the SUBU Startup programme aimed at delivering insider knowledge about the world of business.

4. Launched the Laptop Loan Scheme in association with BU IT services. 12 new Macbook Pros are now available to loan.

5. ONGOING: Enquiring about Amazon Lockers and installing one on Talbot Campus

6. ONGOING: Securing free printing for students

7. Improved the Senior Rep election by opening the nomination up to a University-wide ballot instead of through the course reps.

8. Organised the 'Speak it Out' event with the Vice Chancellor, and other senior members of BU staff.

9. Working to promote the Student Co-Creation project which offers students £500 to develop a project.

10.  ONGOING: Working to ensure all students sit on interview panels for new staff at Bournemouth University.

Charlie Souter-Phillips (VP Welfare)

1. Set up the 'Safe Measures Safe Freshers' campaign which provided health and wellbeing advice and freebies to students during Freshers' week.

2. Organised Mature Students' socials during Freshers' Week.

3. ONGOING: Working with the alcohol impact initiative, an NUS scheme.

4. Ran an end violence against women campaign, which included a film screening and a womens self defense class and a march in Southampton.

5. Ran a successful Disability History Month with speakers and film screenings.

6. Working with the Welfare council and initiating the new Mental Health Officer, new for 2017.

7. Developed the SUBU Safe Walk scheme, enabling students to buddy up for safety.




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