Student Partnership

We are here to help you @ Lansdowne, take a look at some of our frequently asked questions to answer any queries you may have!

The SUBU office is located in Studland House (SG02), as well as in our SUBU Advice office in Bournemouth House (BG07)! Pop in for a chat during the day, or you might find us sitting chatting to students, hosting pop up events and promoting our clubs, societies, elections and events. SUBU is also present around Studland House and the BoHo Lounge where you will often see our full time elected officers hanging out and speaking to students.

Yes! There are a variety of bright, open common areas, study areas, and cafés situated conveniently on campus. There is a costa situated in Studland House, there are microwave facilities on the first floor of Bournemouth House, and The Boho Lounge and Garden offers you the chance to get some fresh air between lectures!
On the first floor of Bournemouth House, there is a friendly student lounge (B130) situated behind the library which also contains two microwaves for you to use. There is also a social 'hub' area situated in Studland House (SG02).
Alternatively, take a walk to The Engine Room Café and Bar, our very own Student Union venue within The Old Firestation! We offer affordable Starbucks coffees and treats in a relaxed environment only around the corner from Lansdowne Campus.

It is easy to get to Lansdowne from Halls, it is only a short walk from Purbeck House, Chesil, Cranborne House and Home Park. It is around 10 minutes from Dorchester House. Alternatively, the U1 bus and U4 bus drives through central Lansdowne which will ensure easy transport links between Talbot Campus and Lansdowne.
Lyme Regis House is next door to the Executive Business Centre, as well as the Bournemouth University International College!

SUBU Advice provides free and confidential advice to BU students. We are non judgemental and happy to help with any concerns you may have including housing, money issues, personal issues, academic and employment issues. There are drop in sessions in Bournemouth House (BG07) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 09.30-14.00. For any questions you may have or to book an appointment, please contact our office at Bournemouth House on 01202 967369. For the SUBU Advice page click here Alternatively, AskBU is a service which can help with any issue that you may have, from I.D replacements to Council Tax and bank letters! Contact the Lansdowne AskBU enquirey team on 01202 524111.
The Student Wellbeing team are on hand to provide drop in support, councilling, workshops and support from a Wellbeing Advisor. Based at Talbot Campus (a 15 minute ride on the U1!), drop in sessions are Monday - Thursday 09:00am- 5:00pm and Friday 1:00pm- 4.00pm



The library at Lansdowne Campus is open from 8am- Midnight Monday to Thursday, 8am- 6pm on Fridays, 10am- 6pm on Saturdays and 10am-10pm on Sundays. To view more information about the University library click here. There is a 24 hour open access centre on the first floor of Studland House, which boasts computer facilities and internet connection. You will need your student ID card to access this facility, and after 5pm on weekends will not gain access without it!

There are bike compounds available at Studland House, Bournemouth House and The EBC. To access these you will need to bring your ID card to Reception, where they can add this service for you. There are showers available in Bournemouth House (get the door code from reception), and The EBC, where reception staff will direct you.

We want all of our students to develop into self- motivated, independant, lifelong learners and we offer a range of support to help you achieve this. The Additional Learning Support service can assist students with specific learning impairments, physical/ sensory impairments, medical conditions and temporary injuries. To visit the Additional Learning Support website click here.

The Neighbourhood Police team are specifically designated to support both campuses, and can be found at Winton Police Station (599 Wimborne Road) or at Bournemouth University Talbot Campus room T108.
The Neighborhood Police team will be around campus for weekly visits. You can find the Neighborhood Police Team here.