A “fair result” says Scott Parker following draw with Blackpool

It was a divisive afternoon as the Vitality Stadium saw two completely different halves of football resulting in Bournemouth losing a two-goal lead to draw 2-2 against Blackpool.

The second half would have served well for Bournemouth in one aspect as it showed the value of bringing in Premier League veteran Gary Cahill. With his “wealth of experience”, the defence will feel more comfortable and organised.

Having asked if the second half was a perfect example as to why Cahill was introduced, Parker told Nerve Sport: “Definitely, those experiences is something Gary would have felt and experienced in his long career.

“He would have felt them moments when you’re on cloud nine and in the driver’s seat, but all of a sudden the game turns.

“That is why he’s come in. We recognise that we need a certain experience in this side, and he will help us with that.”

The game will act as a good standpoint in which Parker can now coach and improve his young team. Although a disappointing end, it was a game that saw excellent attacking patterns from the Cherries, and one which will serve the team well as they continue to improve and gain momentum.


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