Mace Ruegg: How it started and what to expect

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Image credit: Benji Sampson

Exciting prospect Mace Ruegg (23yrs old), called for his next opponent in a recent interview, eyeing up the son of British boxing royalty.  


Ruegg comes from a family of fighters, both his father, Danny Ruegg, and mother, Gemma Ruegg, have been/currently in the professional boxing scene. 


Ruegg has walked away from each of his 10 professional boxing fights with the win. However, boxing was not where he started.  

Mace Ruegg started off by making a name in Thai Boxing. “I was competing before I can even remember.” Ruegg speaking about his beginning to combat sports. 


Ruegg only making the switch to boxing after a Thai Boxing contest was cancelled and the opportunity in an unlicensed bout presented itself.  

Although, Ruegg confidently stated he has had around 200 fights in different disciplines. 


When asked about his skillset Ruegg described himself as multi-talented: "I'm not just a single blade. I am a Swiss-army knife." 

Ruegg described his flamboyant, cocky boxing style as an expression of his identity. "You can tell the kind of person I am, by my performance."  

Ruegg often displays his Thai Boxing on his Instagram, recently teasing a potential return. "I've got many attributes about me...If the boxing doesn't work out, I’ll still keep fighting."  


However, as a boxer, Ruegg said in the interview that entertaining fights are his focus. 

Highlighting title fights are not his goal, Ruegg said: "I don’t care for belts, I’ve got enough belts at home to hold my trousers up."  

"All this protecting records nonsense, I don't want to do it." Ruegg said discussing the landscape of the world title picture. 


Ruegg has his eyes set on his next challenge, in the interview Ruegg discussed his aims for the near future.  

"Campbell Hatton... I'll take his head off." Ruegg said "The problem is pro-boxing is all about money... but ideally that'd be a fight I’d love to have."  


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