Team BU advanceĀ in cup run after comfortable win against Cardiff

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Agostisho driving the ball forward in the 3rd quarter | By Louis Alder/Nerve Sport

Bournemouth dominated the first two quarters, ultimately guiding them to victory against Cardiff University, ending 78-53, in the BUCS Men Western Conference Cup.

The action began with some stellar defending from BU, establishing their presence in the opening minutes. The first quarter opened up very quickly for the home side, allowing star player Walker-Allen to exploit the opposition's defence.

Some excellent link-up play between Roberts, who controlled the centre, and Walker-Allen was one of many highlights. The closing minutes of the quarter saw a steal and three-pointer by Roberts, rounding off a great start for BU. With the home side 23-10 up at the end of the first.

The second quarter began with Cardiff trying to re-establish themselves, getting a three pointer and netting three-for-three in free throws. BU however remained in command, with forward momentum shown throughout the team.  Walker-Allen's individul brilliance again split the Cardiff Uni side. Bonabi made an important impact when subbed in, with a three-pointer near the end, being one of many contributions. By the end of the second quarter, Bournemouth were very much in the driver’s seat, with a commanding 46-18 lead by half-time.

With a healthy lead, it’s fair to say BU took their foot off the gas a little in the third quarter. It began with free throws for both sides in the opening stages. BU managed to maintain their threat, with a steal from Agostisho in the middle of the court, allowing Struzik-Forresster to get two points early on. Cardiff had their own offensive moments, with Omidire blocking a certain basket for BU, as well as netting two, two-pointers back-to-back. Cardiff captain Lavender was keen to spur his side forward, as it ended 57-31 in the third.

The fourth and final quarter began with BU stepping it up, with Bonabi on the offensive push. His hard work paid off with a stunning three-pointer from the off. Cardiff seemed pegged back, with BU driving forward with determination to end on a high. Patten ensured the defence were focused through the final stages of the game, making some pivotal blocks. Bournemouth University showed their quality and skill till the end, with the final result being 78-53.

It’s Important to mention that BU were without their coach for this fixture, which is a valid factor into a slower start to the third and final quarter. Nonetheless, the chemistry between the players ultimately commanded them to victory.