Beabadoobee's 'Live In London'

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Live In London


ARTIST: Beabadoobee

GENRE: Alternative Indie

LABEL: Dirty Hit


‘Live in London’ is Beabadoobee, also known as Beatrice Laus’, first live album, which boasts 22 songs from her Brixton show in October of last year. The album is a special live recording of her sold out hometown show at London’s iconic Brixton Academy. 

As someone who missed out on tickets to this show, I loved every minute of this album. From the first song, ’10:36,’ both Beabadoobee and the crowd have such a high energy, immersing you into the atmosphere. The crowd provided backing vocals for every song and filled any gaps between songs with their cheers and chants – around 30 seconds at the end of ‘Talk’ consists of fans chanting her name and begging for another song. This album really demonstrates how skilled she is as both a singer and a performer. Her voice translates perfectly from studio to live, and she is incredible at interacting with the audience.  

One of my favourite songs of hers is ‘the perfect pair’, and it did not disappoint on this album. The shout of “I love you Bea” blends perfectly into the start of the song, which the crowd without a doubt sang the loudest to. Towards the end, there’s a welcome shift from indie rock to a more stripped back, acoustic vibe.

The first acoustic song is her first viral song, ‘Coffee,’ which she says herself is the song that started it all and was followed by ‘Ripples’. She shifts back to indie rock for the final song – a great way to end the album.  

Overall, this album was a great listen, and I am extremely envious of all that secured tickets.             

Photo Credit: Thomas Davis   

Written and Reviewed by Lauren Kennard :)