2024 BAFTAs: Best Film predictions

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BAFTA Nominees for Best Film Credit: BAFTA on X

Multimedia Journalism student and podcast host, Adam Barlow, shares his thoughts ahead of Sunday night’s EE BAFTA Film Awards. 

With the ceremony kicking off tonight evening, why not take a look at this year’s five nominees in the Best Film category. 

Anatomy of a Fall 

Directed by Justine Triet, this courtroom thriller has a screenplay as sharp as the icicles that hang from the mountain chalet in which it is set. Sandra Hüller delivers a complex performance as German novelist Sandra Voyter when she is accused of her husband’s death. There’s deliberate pacing and revelations that are pitched perfectly. The work from Messi (a French Border Collie) is among the best animal acting ever put to screen. Your eyes flick around, and your ears prick up to catch every detail. Track this one down because it will have you on tenterhooks from the start. 

The Holdovers 

Undoubtedly the best Christmas film in years, The Holdovers’ biggest flaw was its UK mid-January release date. Humour that all lands well is blended carefully with moments of sincerity and discussions of grief and unrealised dreams. A loveable Paul Giamatti, a delicate Da’Vine Joy Randolph and a charismatic newcomer named Dominic Sessa creates a strong trio of characters. The 1970’s setting, grain and audio crackle make it feel like a classic from an era gone by, but it will certainly settle as one in the years to come. Charming and full of warmth. 

Killers of the Flower Moon 

Scorsese, DiCaprio, De Niro, Plemons. That’s a winning combination already. It is Lily Gladstone though that elevates this gritty, crime western to something truly special. Set in 1920s Oklahoma, it tells the sickening story of how manipulative opportunists thinned out the population of the Osage Nation to control headright’s after oil was found on tribal land. Refined filmmakers are clinical in their execution. Robbie Robertson’s score, Rodrigo Prieto’s cinematography, it all sings together. A tragedy brought to light in a masterclass of storytelling from Scorsese. 


Christopher Nolan is a visionary director and has dominated the box office over the last two decades with his highly intellectual, concept-inspired blockbusters. An epic biopic about the Manhattan Project with an ensemble cast that gives even some A-listers only a few minutes onscreen is textbook Nolan. Cillian Murphy is mesmerising as the titular physicist and carries the juggernaut of a film on his shoulders. A haunting yet beautiful score from Ludwig Göransson threads the piece together until a crescendo at the end will leave you stunned, speechless and fearing nuclear war. 

Poor Things 

From the twisted mind of Yorgos Lanthimos comes a zany, hypersexual, coming of age romp. It stars Emma Stone as Bella Baxter, a reanimated woman with a child’s mind. She matures, learns about society and women’s place in it before yearning for liberation and independence. Mark Ruffalo is hilarious as Duncan – an absolute weasel of a man. Willem Dafoe and Ramy Youssef’s characters represent the better side of humanity. There’s lots of metaphorical commentary, lots of foul language and lots of sex. It can be a challenging watch but rewarding if you can tackle it. 

What do I think should win? 

For spectacle, acting and a tremendous script, Oppenheimer should win. Christopher Nolan and his team have the momentum this awards season and there’s no doubt it is the most widely recognised with general audiences of the five nominees. Having said that and being someone who loves a heartwarming escape, The Holdovers is wonderful. Any of them would be deserving and hopefully this breakdown will inspire you to watch any you might not have seen. 

The 2024 EE BAFTA Film Awards is available to watch from 7pm tonight on BBC One and iPlayer.